Zagar Inc. MQ Series Offers Consistent, Accurate Feed

The Zagar MQ-series CNC drilling End Effectors are based on the exclusive Zagar standard of   inline ballscrew actuated quill feed units.  From the largest to the smallest unit in the line, each unit in the MQ series offers quill feed for consistent, accurate feed, at the speed needed to perform any drilling or tapping action needed.  Mounted in any position, these versatile machines perform well over the long haul.

The MQ 150 is a light weight, self-contained standard tool machining unit which has fully programmable control of rpm and feed rate.  It is ideal for integration onto gantries and robots.  Precision linear and rotational positioning are ideal for applications such as drilling, counter sinking, tapping, facing, reaming, grooving, and more, in any material.  When we say any material, we mean it, including titanium, Inconel and carbon fiberZagar Inc. has been synonymous with quality for over 80 years.  Find out more by emailing or calling us at (216) 731-0500 today.