We have another fun filled article about dividend investing. More importantly, this article discusses the stocks (and ETFs) we have purchased lately. The last week has been insane in the market. Despite volatility, we continue to put our hard earned cash to work.  In total, we purchased 4 companies and one ETF over the last week. Let’s review our recent stocks to buy.

The stock market continues to be impacted by the Coronavirus. Unfortunately, Coronavirus cases continue to surge, as we head towards winter. Further, Congress continues to finalize the next round of economic stimulus. Both topics have caused the market to fluctuate daily. In fact, on some days, the market fluctuates by the hour.

Despite the changing economic landscape, the stock market continues to present us with undervalued dividend stocks to buy. As you know by now, we are always on the lookout stocks to add to our portfolio.  In good times, or bad, we are always going to find ways to put our cash to work and purchase income producing assets. After all, we need to grow our dividend income and allow our passive income stream to work for us.

In total, we purchased shares of 4 companies and 1 ETF.  We purchased each of these stocks after running the company through the famous Dividend Diplomats Dividend Stock Screener.  This is the simple, 3 step stock screener that we use to identify all of our investment opportunities. The 3 stock metrics are:

  1. Price to Earnings Ratio Less than S&P 500
  2. Dividend Payout Ratio Less than 60%
  3. Dividend Growth History & Dividend Growth Rate.

These purchases were all high quality dividend stocks, which is always great to see. 3 of the companies are Dividend Aristocrats (A company that has increased its dividend for 25+ consecutive years) and one is an exchange traded fund that invests in dividend growth stocks!

Therefore, jump in and watch our video to view each of the purchases and see how much dividend income we added to our portfolio last week!  You will not be disappointed, that is for sure!

—-> Watch the Video: 5 Best Stocks to Buy: Our Recent Dividend Stocks Purchases <—-

Please let us know if you like us posting this video link on our blog site, so that you can see our other content on that platform in addition to our blog! We have been honored to have grown our YouTube channel to over 2,000 subscribers and cannot thank all of you enough for your conitnued support! Below are some other resources we mention in the video that can help you build your dividend stock portfolio:

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Further, what stocks have you purchased lately? Have you purchased the same companies? If not, what dividend stocks are on your radar?

-Dividend Diplomats

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