All Pro Xteriors Inc. Is Open for Business

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels

If you suffered hail damage but thought you wait until summer to have your home repaired, think again.  Hail damage to roofs, gutters and siding can all allow water to enter the home and spread damage throughout your home.  All Pro Xteriors Inc is open and is still roofing Watertown MN and other homes in need.  But to meet current concerns, All Pro Xteriors has made some changes that we’d like to let you know about. 

  1. All Pro Xteriors Inc. meets social distancing guidelines during the global fight against this pandemic.  You can schedule your All Pro Xteriors Inc. professional inspection by phone (952) 486-7834, or by visiting their website at without any physical contact with your All Pro Xteriors team member. 
  2. All Pro Xteriors Inc. will show you problem areas via phone or email before any contracting is to be done. A professional will come to your home and carry out a thorough exterior inspection.  Our team member takes pictures of the places on your roof and gutters that you can’t see from the ground and will send those pictures to you by phone or email so you can see your roof or gutter condition before making any decisions on work to be done.  We will show you all the problem areas remotely, and can work with you to get your roof repaired or replaced without having to get closer than 6 feet from our team member from start to finish.
  3. All Pro Xteriors Inc. has a team member on site to complete a final inspection after our skilled efficient crew completes any job.  All Pro Xteriors is proud of its reputation for honesty in exterior home renovation for over twenty years. 

If your home suffered hail damage in a prior storm, your insurance may pay all or part of your roof replacement MN costs.  Visit or call us at (952) 486-7834 for more information, before the hail damage spreads to other areas of your home.