August Home Maintenance Checklist

By mid-August, the temps in early morning and evening have cooled a little but the frosty fall weather is still weeks away.  Interior projects can be done in any season, but the milder weather of a Minnesota August makes it a great time to get some of those procrastinated exterior home improvements done. 

Inspect your Roof.  Wait. You don’t have to touch that ladder.  Even if you did not suffer hailstorm damage, All Pro Xteriors offers free exterior home inspections with no contact.  We can digitally deliver the results so you can make an informed decision about work that needs to be done before the weather changes.  Visit All Pro Xteriors or call us at (952) 486-7834 to schedule your roof inspection.  We can share with you the warning signs of roof deterioration, like curling, broken, loose or missing shingles.  We can share images of the area in question so you can safely witness what needs to be done to repair or replace your roof.

Clean the gutters. I know it seems counterintuitive – They will be filled in another month!  This is a job for August, and then again in October.  The storms that came through all summer dumped debris in the gutters, or if you have a closed system, on the gutters, and you need to unclog the system.  This way, when you have to take the leaves out and off of your gutters in another month or so, there will be less gunk that is hidden under the leaves.  If you want to skip the cleanout, reach out to All Pro Xteriors for a clog free, leaf free gutter system and smile while you watch the neighbors on this chore.

Check your siding.  Inspect your siding for warping or buckling.  If you grab the bottom edge of the vinyl siding where it overlaps the next piece and tug gently it should move a tiny bit side to side, but not a lot.  That is because there needs to be room for expansion and contraction, but it needs to be tight.  If either inspection reveals questions or concerns about the integrity of your siding, contact your All Pro Xteriors professional.  We have decades of experience in inspecting and installing siding and can guide you through the issues and the repair process.  Our skilled, efficient crew can handle the residing job quickly and expertly.  We cleanup and a final inspection is done before we leave, so you can be confident of a job well done.   

Paint. If your home has wood trim or siding, this is a good time to paint any faded or worn areas.  The Warm dry weather will help the paint dry more quickly and more evenly, for a more professional looking result.  When you are tired of the upkeep on your wood siding, talk to All Pro Xteriors at (952) 486-7834 and find out how to get low maintenance siding for your home.  Your neighbors will be jealous of the gorgeous siding choices you can make today.

Replace your HVAC system air filter.  The HVAC was working overtime during the summer, and by now it is likely to be full enough to reduce efficiency while it works harder to cool.  Before fall begins, change the filter to a fresh one.

Each of these home maintenance jobs helps keep your home in great shape, and will make your fall home maintenance go smoother.  All Pro Xteriors is here to take the big exterior projects off your hands with free exterior home inspections, and a skilled and professional crew and staff.