According to the International institute of Finance, Global debt is the first 6 months of 2019 surged by $7.5 trillion.  I can’t even imagine that many zeroes, but if governments around the world can’t balance budgets, how will you and I budget our households?

Photo by Akwice from Pexels

What if you have been doing better than you thought?  I felt like I have been struggling for years without making progress, but I came across a budget from 2013 when I was cleaning out an old desk, and was blown away.  We have reduced our mortgage balance by half and reduced our total debt by six figures.  How?  We have been overpaying on our mortgage and trying to pay as we go on anything we buy today.  We use debit cards instead of credit cards, and we usually don’t buy if the money isn’t there.  Sometimes we use the credit cards and pay that amount immediately, so the balance doesn’t grow too much between payments as we work toward that zero balance.  We make mistakes, but we try to live within our means.  I try to back off and avoid impulse buying.  I made some poor choices last month, but kept those to a minimum. 

Feeling like we have made progress helps me to stick to the plan for getting out of debt.  Knowing we are winning make me want to do more to get to the finish line.  Do you have an old budget you can compare with your current budget?  Are you making progress, or do you need to revamp for life changes?

Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels

Seeing the bigger picture of how your life has changed, and how you are working toward your goals can be a huge motivator.  If you need help, remember to visit to be matched to a debt freedom professional who can help structure your plan to reach debt freedom sooner.