Cane Chi as Part of a Physical Therapy Plan

Rehabilitation is defined by Mirriam Webster online as restoration especially by therapeutic means to an improved condition of physical function.  At Cane Masters, when we refer to rehabilitation, we are referring to regaining physical strength after an accident or injury.  Physical therapy is one type of rehabilitation that can be part of a patient’s recovery plan, because it focuses on body strength and mobility.  Physical therapists base their physical rehabilitation plan on the goals of the patient’s physician.

Mark Shuey of Cane Masters wants you and your physical therapist to think about Integrating Cane Chi into your physical therapy plan.   The gentle exercises in the Cane Chi discipline of martial arts are incredibly effective at rebuilding strength, mobility and balance.  In fact, the  feedback on Cane Chi to supplement a physical therapy plan has been great!   Whether you are the patient or the physical therapist, check out some sample exercises, and determine whether they would enhance your program.  Visit or call (800) 422-2263 for more information.