Cane Masters Laser Engraved Canes

Custom engravings are a great way to express yourself.  You are already going to have your cane with you, but what if you could have a subtle message engraved on the side of your cane?  I love the touching pawprints making their way up the cane shown here.  For your own cane, you can use any black and white image you want, including a tiny flock of birds ascending the cane, or a text message to someone you give a cane to. 

Keep in mind, your design has to fit on a one inch width.  With that said, your options are still so varied.  In fact, Cane Masters offers 66 different stock design options on their site, but will also create an engraved copy of your icon.  Just make sure your icon is copywrite free, or that you own the permissions.   

Interested? just message Cane Masters or call them at (800) 422-2263 and ask to speak to our expert laser engraver.