Cane Masters Offers Cane Chi in Your Own Home

Being stuck at home can be frustrating in the best of times, but when your doctor said you could benefit from some physical therapy, it is worse. 

If you need or use a cane, There is a program for wellness, strength building and rehabilitation that you can access in the privacy of your own home.  Cane Masters Inc. has multiple training manuals and packages available on its site, but if you are looking for an exercise for wellness and rehabilitation, check out Cane Masters Cane Chi video: Exercising with the cane.  There is a kit with everything you need to get started.  Check out Cane Masters Cane Chi Starter Package.  This complete package contains 2 resistance belts, a hardwood Cane Master cane, a manual and a dvd video to bring the Cane Chi training dojo into your own home.  Start your journey to better health or faster recovery with Cane Chi. 

From SonsofCane