Cane Masters Sticks and Staffs

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but Sticks and Staffs from Cane Masters will kick my butt! 

Cane Masters proudly offers the beautiful but dangerous, hand crafted staffs that will stand up to the punishment of the great outdoors, while sporting customizable designs that make each staff look like it belongs in a museum.  Ready to hike the Appalachian mountain range from north to south?  Great!  Just bring with you the 1 1/8 inch diameter Staff from Cane Masters fashioned out of American Ash, and finished with high gloss Tung Oil. 

Want a one of a kind staff?  Design your own. Choose between American ash, oak and hickory wood, then add a crook and horn, grips, Tung oil finish, black or brown stain – even a compass.  Tell Cane Masters your own design idea for your unique design quote. 

Want to learn to use a hiking staff or stick for self-defense?  Get the Bokane: Rebirth of an Old Weapon for a New Millennium Part 1 and Bokane: Rebirth of an Old Weapon for a New Millennium Part 2. Prefer live training?  Train with Master Mark Shuey for an unforgettable experience.  Check out our site at for available seminars.  There are so many ways you can become independent with training and the tools of the art.

The Walking staff, symbolic of adventures in travel, like all other Cane Masters products has exceptional craftsmanship and will be a show piece.  But Mark Shuey wants to do more than sell a well crafted staff or walking stick.  Shuey wants to educate his customers on the art of self defense and on the Bok(wood)ken (sword), or Bokane, when used as a tool or technique in martial arts.  Find out more at Cane Masters.