CaneFu: Moving Beyond Disabilities

Teaching self-defense techniques for the streetand home instructors Eric Stallock, Clifford C. Crandall, Jr. and Lynn Jessee show viewers how to build strength and mobility before moving on to present basics of Cane-Fu self-defense techniques.

As Cane Masters has stated from its conception, the cane is a versatile tool;  a cane can be a tool in medical assistance, self-defense and personal fitness. A cane does not make users dependent, but can actually help many become more independent and feel more comfortable with their changing circumstances. 

The Cane-Fu principles make this DVD set an essential reference for anyone suffering a medical disability forcing the use of a cane. Though Cane Masters offers seminars across the United States, Cane-Fu: Moving Beyond Disabilities can guide cane users through the basics of strength building and self-defense without leaving home. In a 65 minute DVD, 14 techniques are shown from multiple camera angles for clear, concise instruction. Find out more at