Forbearance to Foreclosure Conversion Danger

The danger of #mortgage #forbearances turning into #foreclosures is rising as #COVID-19 infections surge in the U.S. according to #Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. Looking for help, visit 

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Foreclosure Forecasting…

Per ATTOM Data Solutions recent report by region, the mid-level forecast shows #foreclosure filings will increase about 80% in the South, rocketing more than three-fold in the West, and by more than double in the Northeast and Midwest. Get help now, visit 

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FHA Now has Highest Delinquency

Federal Housing Administration mortgages — the affordable path to homeownership — now have the highest #delinquency rate in 4 decades.  The share of late #FHA loans rose to 16% in the second quarter. #Conventional loans delinquent were 6.7%. need help

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Is Your Mortgage Protected From Foreclosure?

The #CARES Act put a moratorium on #foreclosing on federally-backed #mortgages, It doesn’t touch anything else. It doesn’t affect property owners associations; it doesn’t affect taxes. In short, #foreclosures for HOA fees and taxes can continue. 

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What’s the Foreclosure Process?


Foreclosure is the process when your lender takes back your home due to missed payments. Obviously, you don’t want to end up in this situation, but it can happen to anyone. Q2 2020 hedge fund letters, conferences and more Understanding the foreclosure process is essential because there are several options you can take to get […]

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Foreclosures Move Forward in New York State

New York Residents: If you have received notice of intent to foreclose. If your lender will no longer accept payments from you or if you are over 90 days past due on your mortgage payments your COVID-19 relief is ending.

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