The Right Drilling & Tapping Machine For You

Zagar Drilling and Tapping

Zagar drilling and tapping

CNC Drilling & Tapping Machines

Drilling machines, or drill heads bore round holes or drive fasteners.  drilling heads are fitted with one or more bits, either a drill or driver based on your application.  Zagar multi-spindle CNC drilling and tapping machines are controlled by a software program allowing easier changeover and automated control.  A  Zagar Multi-spindle drill head, it could be fitted with up to 5,184 bits or drivers.  The drilling and tapping machine makes the hole or holes and then creates threads within the hole.

Industries like automotive, aerospace, electrical, medical, off-road construction equipment and more rely on Zagar high production drilling and tapping machines.

Tapping Machines

Tapping machines are used to characterize holes drilled into workpieces, so that a cap screw or bolt can be threaded into the hole.  A common example of a tapped product is a threaded nut.  Because bolts and screws come in so many different sizes, tapping machines are engineered for different job parameters.

Drilling machines

The boring and characterization of holes is critical to the efficient assembly of machines, automobiles, aircraft, appliances and more.  Zagar is your expert in hydraulic, pneumatic, and CNC high-production drilling AND tapping machines and related equipment.  Zagar engineers quality, high repeatability, high-speed, and high-precision drilling and tapping machines.  These workhorses by Zagar can take on the big jobs and keep going, job after job.  With that said, what should you look for in an industrial drilling and tapping machine?  The machine that best fits your application will be determined by the material it will work on.  Its performance will be enhanced by the workholder you employ.

Workpiece Material Determines Best Drill Choice.

In industrial manufacturing, common types of material are required in the more brutal environments of this sector. Corrosion resistance, heat tolerance, fit tolerance, failure risk, and overall strength shorten the list of eligible materials for industrial manufacturing applications.  But it is the material in the workpiece that truly determines what type of drillhead you need.  Zagar drilling and tapping machines are engineered for use with both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.  Zagar lubricated multi spindle drillheads make and characterize precision holes in materials from cast iron to fiberglass, time after time.

Zagar CNC Machining Center Heads work in your sophisticated machines, handling hole diameters up to .500”.  This CNC milling heads come with quality hardened gears, lightweight aluminum alloy body and an input drive shaft built to suit.  For eighty years, Zagar has been supplying drillheads, machining center heads and tapping machines for an incredible range of materials.  Contact a Zagar professional at or call (216) 731-0500 for more information.

The Right Work Holder for Your Drill

While the right drill makes all the difference in your bottom line, the right workholder boosts precision and accuracy of the work.  Full Indicator movement (FIM) is the differential between the max and minimum values across a rotating surface about a reference axis.  It is important because it creates the surface boundary for a part to meet specs.  In order to stay within this boundary, you need the right workholder for the job.  For a range of quality workholding fixtures: collets, vises, jigs, and professional guidance on your best choice, visit

Collets: Within the workholder line by Zagar are 3-C, 5-C, 22-C and 44-C collets, both internal and external grip.  Zagar collets hold round, square, hex and even contoured shapes, in manual and automatic styles.

Vises: Zagar vises are precision tools with a higher gripping force.  This facilitates maximization of machine productivity, allowing deeper cuts at higher feed rates.

Jigs: If you need to hold the drill, Zagar can provide quality jigs that hold and guide the drill.  Zagar jigs provide repeatability and accuracy in your product manufacturing.

Regardless of which drillhead, which tapping machines and which workholder you choose, Zagar is here to provide you quality, powerful equipment that deliver speed, accuracy and high repeatability.  You can cut frustration and down time with the right machine by Zagar.  Call (216) 731-0500 or email for information on the best solutions for your application.