CNC Workholding Fixtures

Zagar offers the largest and finest assortment of workholding fixtures for almost every machining operation.  Designs for Zagar 3-C, 5-C, 16-C, 22-C and 44-C collets are available in both internal and external grip.   Zagar collets are CNC integrable and hold round, square, hex and even many contoured shapes.  Collets and collet fixtures install quickly and easily and operate with the fixed position collet in the design.  These CNC workholding fixtures are available in both manual and automatic styles (air or hydraulic operated).  Zagar is known for its hydraulic, pneumatic and high-production drilling and tapping machines and related workholding equipment.  Drillheads, tapping machines and workholding fixtures by Zagar are engineered for adaptability, CNC options or integration, high repeatability, speed & performance in manufacturing applications.

Zagar CNC Workholding Fixtures

Zagar Workholding Fixtures

Zagar Workholding Solutions

You may not know that Zagar also specializes in Specialized fixtures such as CNC workholding fixtures to facilitate hole making.  In short, Zagar manufactures hole making and other production solutions.  Since 1937, Zagar has been producing solutions for quality standard and custom workholding fixtures for the most challenging applications and environments.  Manufacturers today need more automation in their production due to the shortage of skilled workers. Using CNC reduces the manpower required to set up collets and other workholding equipment.  CNC integrable collet fixtures automates the process, enhancing accuracy, speed and efficiency.  Like other Zagar machines, Collets are designed to integrate with other machinery and software to customize your production line to your needs.

In applications where a jaw chuck is not an ideal workholding option, a CNC collet chuck is a commonly popular solution.  CNC collets can be mounted vertically with a subplate, or horizontally with an angled mounting plate, both available at  Whether your application involves a new or old machine, a single machine or group of machines Zagar fixtures are built to hold it.  One fixture or many, manual or automatic large or small, Zagar fixtures can hold your workpiece perfectly, time after time.

Streamlined Collet Design

CNC Collets were originally created to machine smaller parts more easily.  Most Collet applications are for workpiece diameters of three inches or less, as opposed to the larger models originally available.  The advantage of the smaller collets is so significant that customers often purchase equipment with the 0 to 3 inch collet already in place.  The design of Zagar collets boast a streamlined shape with a small nose.  Zagar streamlined collets enable machining to take place close to the clamping point, providing maximum rigidity and control.

Higher RPM Than Chucks

The comparatively lighter weight of Zagar aluminum collets reduce the negative effects of centrifugal force, enhancing consistent gripping force.  As a result of the lower weight, Zagar’s Collets can run at higher RPMs than traditional three-jaw chucks.

Other Collet Workholding Advantages

With or without the CNC advantage, collets allow faster setup times and/or higher accuracies because there is no need to bore soft jaws in place.  Standard collets are an excellent choice for gripping round, square and hex-shaped stock.  Moreover, custom collets hold odd-shaped parts and perform off-center turning with ease.  Zagar designs light and heavy duty collet fixtures for your specific production and tool room environments.  Steel clamp pistons are hardened and ground to ensure lasting quality.  Seals and “O” rings are selected for industrial quality standards.  A visit today to opens the conversation to finding the right solution to your smart workholding needs.  Or give Zagar a call at (216) 731-0500 today for information on how we can fill your CNC workholding fixture needs.