Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers – June 2020

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June was an interesting month in the market. Dividend cuts continued to slow, despite a few surprise dividend cuts.  Economies continue to reopen and the weather continued to get better. Still, the economic and political environments remained as tense as ever.  The Federal Reserve announced major restrictions on bank dividends and share buybacks for the first time since the Great Recession.  I know we have all felt impacts to our dividend income!

Despite all the madness and intensity, there is one constant that will never change: dividend income.  The dividend checks continued to roll in.  The third month of the quarter is always exciting since the majority of companies, and mutual fund families (such as Vanguard), pay their dividend.  Many dividend bloggers produce their best passive income results during the quarter-end month!

Dividend Income from You the Bloggers!

Despite all of the volatility & uncertainty, we have found 50 reasons to smile and remain optimistic.  Each month we compile a list of dividend income summaries from around the dividend investing community.  Bloggers were reporting amazing passive income numbers in June.  Thus, after reading each story, we expect you to leave as motivated as ever to continue investing in dividend growth stocks.

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Here is the June 2020 installment of the dividend income from YOU the bloggers series.  Let’s stay positive, focused and, most importantly, motivated to reach financial freedom!

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $267.24 – I see you own Wells Fargo (WFC).  I hope that the stock and their dividend come back stronger than ever for you!  Luckily, you have many other dividend aristocrats that are holding their own in your stock portfolio!

The Dividend Pig – $2,544.82 – The month of June is exciting for some many reasons. The Dividend Pig helps show why after receiving an insane amount of dividend income. Further, dividend increases added another $64 to Pig’s income. This will help offset some of those brutal dividend cuts.

Tawcan – $2,392.13 –  Our second person crossing the $2k mark in June. Fantastic stuff! Bob’s dividend income continues to grow at an impressive clip.  What is even more impressive is the delicious looking vegetables the Tawcan family grows.

Seeking the Dividends – $473.99 –  Wow, now that is some serious growth compared to the year. Seeking the Dividends more than doubled the dividend income received in June 2019. Fantastic!

My Financial Share – 1,700 – MFS does us a huge favor and converts dividend income from Swiss Francs to USD for us haha Regardless of the currency, that 70% YOY increase is SWEET!

Passive Canadian Income – 749.83 (CAD) – Dividend income only makes up a portion of PCI’s total passive income.  Our favorite non-dividend income source, solar credits, produced over 300 CAD this month!  I really wish we had this available to us.

I Want Dividend – 391 (Euros) – Erik received 14 dividend payments this month. More importantly, he purchased a new house as well. Turns out June was a VERY exciting month here.

Desi Dividend – $1,215 – Dividend cuts have had an impact on Desi in 2020. Seriosuly though, who hasn’t been impact by them? Still, this was a great amount of dividend income.

My Road to Wealth and Freedom – $1,326.35 – The decrease was not due to a dividend cut. Rather, MRWF sold a position (Enbridge) and invested the capital in a company that pays a dividend in a different month.

Dividend Are Coming – 290.76 (Euro) – Some very solid dividend companies paid DAC a dividend this month, including one of our Top 5 Foundation Dividend Stocks. Gotta love the Golden Arches!

Fiscal Voyage – $1,403.47 – The man, the myth, the legend, and the fellow Youtube star himself. Felix continues to absolutely crush it! In addition to the listed dividend income, Felix also received $750 in rental income.

Dividend Quest – $629.90 – Despite a few dividend cuts, Quest continud to move forward and receive over $600 in dividend income. Let’s hope some buying oppotunties present themselves in the coming weeks.

Dividend Portfolio – $10.29 – DP’s dividend portfolio is in the redemption phase. After essentially starting over, Dividend Portfolio’s dividend income crossed a huge milestone….$10. That is the first of many milestones my friend.

Tic Toc Life – $2,923.83 – Welcome to the monthly blogger series TTL! We’re excited to have you. This was a very detailed and impressive savings report. Keep up the fantastic work and incredibly high savings rate.

Financially Free in 10 Years – 153.26 (Euros) – Congratulations on the personal record Mr. Robot! It is impressive that you were finally able to clip this mark. Now, on to the next milestone!

Dividend Seedling – $55.23 – A 62% YOY growth rate and the second time you have ever crossed the half-century mark. This just shows how much the dividend seedling is growing and will continue to do so.

My Dividend Dynasty – $1,317.38 – MDD also broker a personal record in June! The best part is that he celebrated by getting….a haircut. My hair was growing so long during the pandemic that I had to cut it myself.

Divcome – $771.35 –  An insane 43 comapnies paid Divcome a dividend during the month. The list is FILLED with impressive dividend paying stocks. Stop by the article and see for yourself.

Engineering Dividends – $1,303.99 –  Engineering Dividends deliver a strong month. What is very impressive was how balanced the dividend income was from each payer. ED had 5 companies pay over $100 and several just underneath.

Passive Income Pursuit – $1,571.35 –  Is it me, or are there a lot of bloggers in the four figure club this month? JC is no different after a very strong June.

DivHut – $2,307.22 – Keith said it best. The “Dividends Don’t Lie.” The cash continues to trickle in for DivHut and moves continue to be made. Another great month!

Dividend Gremlin – $515.86 – Another great dividend month for the host of our favorite monthly dividend party. Gremlin continues to build income and watch this truly passive income stream grow.

Dividend Dozer – $466.56 – Dozer recorded the second best month ever.  What really stands out though, especially during this pandemic, were the dividend increases received. That’s how you keep your cash flow increasing my friend!

Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy Girl – $781.23 – Wow. What an impressive month from HHWG. The crazy thing to see is the strong dividend growth realized over the last 5 years. The power of compounding is real and really starting to kick in!

Dividend Swan – $278.89 – Swan received an insane amount of dividend payments during the month. Looking at the list, you can see there are a lot of strong dividend growth stocks paying Swan a dividend. That’s what it is all about.

Dividend Hawk – $2,149.30 – Dividend Hawk BLEW past the $2,000 mark and didn’t look back. This income continues to soar. Keep focused and continue to not mess around.

All About the Dividends – $695.72 –  Not only was Matthew impacted by a dividend cut, he was also impacted by a company switching the pay their dividend. Despite all the negative news, his dividend income was strong and only decreased less than 5% compared to last year.

Engineer My Freedom – $109.37 – Engineer My Freedom stated a cool fact. EOF’s dividend income stream is close to consistently producing $100 per month. That’s a cool milestone!

More Money Guru – $4,371.25 – Wow. This is a mike drop right here. MMG received some SERIOUS dividend income during the month. Congrats my friend!

Money Maaster – $1,666.43 –  Jordan delivered another fantastic month of dividend income. He crossed a huge personal milestone. He and his wife celebrated their 10 year anniversary in June. Congrats Jordan!

Pollies Dividend – $669.50 – The Freedom Fund continues to trend upwards despite these tumultous times. Pollies did not have any new purchases in the month to fuel further dividend growth.

Kody’s Dividend – $136.28 – Our three favorite words: A New Record! Congratulations on the huge accomplishment of joining the three figure club Kody.

Wallet Squirrel – $15.99 – Two fantastic companies, Realty Income and Microsoft, paid Wallet Squirrel a dividedn during the month. That is just a small part of the duos dividend income!

Investing Pursuits – $488.62 (CAD) –  Enbridge was a huge contributor to Investing Pursuits’ dividend income for the month, covering nearly half the dividend income total.

Dividends Down Under – $87.47 – It would have been hard to top those insane April and May months, especially since DDU’s funds paid out in the last few months rather than June (like ours).

Dividend Income Stocks – $361.07 –  Why have so many companies switched the month they pay their dividend? DIS had a company that changed from a monthly to quarterly dividend paying company. What the heck??

A Dividend Dream – 148 (Euros) –  That’s how you fight off a dividend cut from Shell. Despite the decrease, fatastic job seeing a 10% dividend increase compared to last year!

Dividend Growth Engine – 76.73 (Euros) –  Wow! Sit down when you read this. Dividend Growth Engine’s dividend increased over 400% compared to last year. Now that is some REAL progress!

Mr. Tako Escapes – $14,453.91 – You read that right. Mr. Tako received over $14,000 in dividend income!! Mic Drop. Game Over. That is an unbelivable month right there.

Dividend Brothers – $26.25 and $50.64 – Each brother published their own dividend report. Therefore, we have to include both totals, right?!

Reverse The Crush – $75.66 –  Another blogger received a massive dividend from Enbridge. It is a very popular stock in the DGI community. It is also one that we don’t own.

Our Life Financial – $231.37 – Dividend income is a small portion of Our Life Financial’s total dividend picture. OLF has a very detailed report showing all passive income streams and breaking it down in a fun, per hour amount. Excellent read.

Chickenwizard – $1,156.59 – Chickenwizard’s dividend income is the “Who’s Who” of dividend stocks. We see our foundation stocks, Bert’s 5 “Alawys Buy” stocks, and plenty of other Aristocrats that paid John a dividend in June.

Capturando Dividends – $468.14 – Slowly, but surely, CD’s dividend income continues to increase. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep on seeing the dividend income increase!

Dividend Earner – $2,306 – Dividend Earner casually states that there was “nothing special” about this dividend month. Just another casual $2,000+ month for DE. Just incredible!

Get Rich Brothers – $708.70 – Yet another blogger set a new record for the month.  Strong dividend paying months continue to be the norm here. I cannot wait to see what the second half of the year has instory for GRB.

Broker Investor – $84.92 – Not only is BI making the most of summer, BI continues to see an increasing passive income stream. What could be better than that?

My Dividend Pipeline – $2,793.67 – MDP, I had to take out the Amegy CD Interest of over $400!  Therefore, I hope the community reads this, but MDP had OVER $3,200+ in passive income for June!  Even with removing that CD interest, you still crushed it with almost $2,800 in dividend income.  A lot of income from big oil with Exxon (XOM) and BP (BP).  I hope it holds up strong!

My Financial Shape – $1,459 – WOW!  Another 4 bagger here!  Quite a HUGE dividend from Legal & General, at over $550+!  I do love your Unilever (UL) and 3M (MMM) position, though!  The cash flow keeps moving, congrats!

Stalflare – 2,127 (Euro) – Crushing over $2,000 in dividend income baby!  I know Bert is wetting his lips at the sight of this!  In addition, over 100%+ growth from last year, insane growth results, NO DOUBT about that.  Can you keep that growth rate up?  I’d love to see it.

Time in the Market – $2,466.98 – Almost $2.5k Time!  As your name suggestions, it’s about Time in the Market, versus timing the market, one of my favorite dividend quotes/stock investing quotes of all time!  Thought you suffered pandemic dividend cuts, you are not alone in that category.  The come back is always stronger than the set-back

Total:  50 Bloggers Received $62,842.37 in Dividends in June (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation).

The community averaged $1,257 in dividend income this month!  We also added 8 more bloggers to this article compared to last month AND we crossed over 50 bloggers!  Is this the first time we showcased 50 passive income streams?!  It is nice to see some improvement there.

Similarly, since we are still going through the Pandemic, we thought we could share our articles that relate to weathering the storm still, including the corona-virus dividend cuts Lanny has received to the list:

Now that we all earned a ton of dividend income and set personal records, here is the next logical question.  Where do we go from here?  That is pretty simple, actually.  Let’s continue to save every dollar possible, slash expenses, and do whatever it takes to increase our income.

The community has demonstrated the benefits of remaining consistent, hard work, and investing as much of our income as possible over the years.  We truly believe that dividend income is the easiest source of passive income (Read our 5 Reason Why) and will continue to preach the importance of building that income stream as early as possible.  If you are not sure where to invest your hard earned and saved cash, we also have you covered with the following articles:

Now that you are motivated and armed with plenty of resources to save an invest, it is time to TAKE ACTION.  Let’s get after it and find some undervalued dividend growth stocks to invest in.  Let’s keep that dividend income stream flowing!

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

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