Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers – November 2020

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We continue our march towards financial freedom. 2020 is coming to a close and we are gearing up towards and exciting 2021.  Despite some of the challenges we have all faced, the community continues to rally and see their dividend income soar.

Every month, we are inspired by the growth and progress of all the dividend income bloggers from around the world. Some records were set in November while countless other bloggers saw their dividend income increase. All of you continue to inspire and demostrate, yet again, that the passive income source from dividends is a viable path to financial freedom.

Therefore, without further ado, we proudly present to you, Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers – November 2020 style.

My Dividend Dynasty – $656.86 – Have to love that surprise Aflac (AFL) dividend increase!  Also, Pfizer just chipped theirs in and we are all curious what the dividend situation will be next year.  We had a YouTube video go viral (viral for us, at least!) about AT&T (T) and all of the aspects that are going on there!  Congrats on almost $700 in dividend income, for an off-month!

Dividend Dream – $121 – A $1 increase from the prior year!  An increase, is an increase, I say.  As the dividend year is coming to a close, we still have a few days left to put that money to work, let’s go!

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $230 – A solid $230 amount.  Kinder Morgan (KMI) coming in hot with a $72.71 dividend for you.  I am very curious what dividend increase they’ll deploy in 2021.  Energy is still uneasy, but I know gas prices have been coming back heavier the last two weeks of December here in Ohio.  Cheers AFFJ!

DivHut – $1,294.38 – WOW!  Huge moves here, and crushing well over $1,000 for November, a hard feat to accomplish!  In addition, you had a 33% growth rate compared to last year, incredible.  I love that you have General Mills (GIS), a stock that does well during a pandemic with heavy stay at home orders.  I know their cereal and snack brands were consumed more and their pet food acquisition is also accretive to earnings.  Nice job DH!

Dividend Quest – $576.10 – So sorry to hear you and your wife battled COVID-19.  I hope you are back in action and kicking butt now.  I understand the timing of dividend payments can cause fluctuations, but you know $500+ is nothing to sneeze at!  Your dividend investing journey is awesome and keep showing the results of why you are investing, much appreciated!

Passive Canadian Income – $315.72 – A solid dividend income month, no doubt. I see the big Canadian Banks giving you plenty of dividends this month, I love it.  Your passive income is really growing, especially that solar income stream and private placement.  The road to financial freedom looks bright for you PCI!

Dividends & Hobbies – $616.36 – A 38% increase is insane!  WOW!  Holy smokes.  In addition, the big pharmaceutical of AbbVie (ABBV) is really propelling that dividend income forward at almost $200!  AbbVie also announced an incredible dividend increase, bravo!

Dividend Dozer – $114.66 – Dividend growth stocks are oozing out of your portfolio!  Lowe’s (LOW), Starbucks (SBUX), Procter & Gamble (PG) and many others are sending dividend checks your way.  Great job with a net increase and your forward income looks promising heading into 2021.

Dividend Hawk – $1,964.02 – WOW.  Almost $2,000 from dividend income.  Another example why Dividend Investing can be the best and easiest passive income source!  If you keep this growth rate up – $3,000 next year?  Financial Freedom dividend hawk, come on!  You are RIGHT there!

Reverse the Crush – $43.08 – 19% Dividend Growth from last year!  Consistency, investing and repeating is what works baby!  Think about that, you also had a dividend cut BUT you still grew your dividend income, nice job!  Finish the year strong RTC!

Dividends Are Coming – 159.68 (Euros) –  This is the rare 5 month dividend income update. DAC gave us a nice update for the last five months. November, of course, nearly crossed 160 Euros in dividend income.

Divicents – $1,775.61 – Divicents received an INSANE amount of dividend income in November.  Your dividend growth over the years has been absolutely insane. Let’s see how strong your December is and what your final tally is!

Chickenwizard – $1,035.51 –  Crossing the four digit mark in an “off” month is a huge accomplishment for Chickenwizard. Those were HUGE dividends that you received from AT&T and OHI. Keep selling to vinyl records and using the proceeds to buy dividend stocks.

Time in the Market – $288.97 –  That 20% dividend growth rate is fantastic TITM.  You’re absolutely right, it sure is great seeing dividend growth continue to tick back up. Enjoy those nice dividend increases from those aristocrats. We can sare the joy from that Aflac dividend increase.’

Financially Free in 10 Years – 116.78 Euros – We love the household dividend stocks that paid you dividends in November. T, ABBV, CVX, PG, and O are just some of the names that we share in common.  Let’s also not brush over the fact that your dividend income grew by 42%!

My Road to Wealth and Freedom – $1,698.38 –  Holy Canadian Banks MRWF! Royal Bank and Bank of Montreal paid you over $1,600 combined in November. My oh my, the Canabian banking sector is awesome. So many great, dividend growth stocks in that arena.

Engineering Dividends – $857.20 –  This is fantastic. November was a NEW RECORD for Engineering Dividends and the start of the “$800+ per month dividend income streak.”  Nothing but great news and man has it been a blast watching your dividend income grow over the years.

Broke Investor – $56.75 –  Another strong month for a dividend blogger. Broker Investor’s income grew by over 60% compared to last year!  Keep on pushing.

Another Loonie – $140 –  Another Loonie made us laugh, and jealous, by saying that their cash is only earning 2% in a high yield savings account. Let us take out the worlds smallest violin for you, after checking our “high yield” savings account interest rates of .5%. That is a great rate right now!

Root of Good – $350 – Though it’s from your allocation of Bonds – it still (more than likely/assuming) it comes in as dividends vs. interest income if its’ a fund?  This is an assumption here!  Either which way, $350 here and I know you’ll be setting dividend income highs come your December post.  For investors/investing beginners out there, mutual funds and ETFs pay on quarter-ends, typically.  Root of good primarily has holdings in those and the dividend payments are at quarter ends!  A great finish to the year is expected and a great way to ring in the new year.

Simple Dividend Growth – $2,315 – WOW!  That Omega (OHI) and AT&T (T) dividend are incredible – well over $1,000 between the two!  Everyone loves AT&T and I am sure their HBO Maxx will be helping their revenue.  Further, I also may have been acquiring a few shares in Verizon (VZ), to help balance out the telecommunication companies out!  Incredible totals here SDG!

Divs4Jesus – $149.29 – First, congratulations on $100,000 in market value on the dividend portfolio!  I tell everyone, time and time again, the first $100,000 is the absolute hardest.  Once you hit that, it’s full steam ahead.  That AbbVie (ABBV) dividend is nice!  We share a few names, keep investing and push the limit!

Dividend Driven – $924.86 – So close to the $1k mark!  This compares favorably by almost $900 from your $29 last year’s November.  Dividend growth – from contributions, dividend increases and dividend reinvestment – that’s the trifecta baby!

Dividend Growth Journey – $534.34 – Congrats on crossing the $500 mendoza line here.  Further, you had FIFTEEN companies pay you!  That’s a healthy average of $35.62.  Can’t wait until there’s another 0 next to that.  I see you also own CVS Pharmacy (CVS).  I have been a long-term shareholder and am expected big things in 2021, with distribution of COVID-19 vaccines and more synergies from the Aetna acquisition.  I also am predicting (again I am not an expert) for CVS pharmacy to resume dividend growth next year.  Let’s stay tuned, that’s for sure!

Investing Pursuits – $284.93 – Just bring it, IP says!  Over $250 in dividend income, and two of the big six Canadian Banks are sending dividend checks your way with Bank of Montreal (BMO) and Royal Bank of Canada (RBC).  In addition, I do like the Shaw Communications play in your dividend portfolio, as well.  Congrats!

Divcome – $408.72 – I see that you own Unilever (UL), Procter & Gamble (PG) and Clorox (CLX).  Those 3 companies now have an even great importance with staying healthy, clean and safe.  Those consumer stocks will do well, no matter what.

Our Life Financial – $139.74 – That’s okay that your income was lower, as you were re-shaping your portfolio that fits your investing strategy and your investing journey.  Nothing wrong with that OLF!  Further, you still had a big Canadian Bank with Bank of Montreal (BMO).  Keep pushing forward!

Legend of Income – $167.44 – I see you picked Lowe’s (LOW) over Home Depot (HD) for your home improvement retailer!  I love the battle between the two DIY giants, as they fight for a spot in your dividend portfolio.  Portfolio is looking solid!

Dividend Portfolio – $15.84 – Ah, yes, the Starbucks (SBUX) dividend came through!  Further, Starbucks increased their dividend by a hefty margin this year at approximately 10%.  Your portfolio is really churning and the dividends are brewing!

All About the Dividends – $499.99 –  Man oh man do we empathize with your Matthew.  Falling one cent short of $500 is just brutal! However, the great news is that you are going to blow by that mark in February via dividend reinvestment alone. Way to go with continuing your strong 2020.

Dividend Pig – $1,714.70 –  Dividend Pig continues to deliver the bacon. 44 companies paid Pig dividends during the month of November. That is an INSANE amount of companies. It will be crazy to see what December has in store for DP.

P2035 – $91 – That new position from Baltic Horizon clearly paid dividends for P2035. It was the main reason for the significant increase in dividend income compared to last year! Although, let’s not sleep on that awesome AT&T dividend either.

Passive Income Pursuit – $584.54 –  It is a blast looking at the company’s that pay JC dividends each month. It is such a clean list of high quality, dividend stocks. There are so many great Dividend Aristocrats and Dividend Kings within JC’s portfolio.

Capturnado Dividends – $805.98 –  We couldn’t agree more CD. Another excellent month indeed. Tobacco (BTI) and telecommunication stocks (T, VZ) led the charge. However, that was only a small part of the picture, as you also received dividends from many other great dividend stocks as well!

Finance Journey – $707.01 – Oh, you know, just a casual 48% year over year increase for Finance Journey. That is a fantastic increase compared to last year.  Luckily, dividend hikes are starting to occur more frequently and you should be able to offset that recent, large dividend cut!

Money Maaster – $463.76 –  Seeing the strong dividend income total was one thing, but we are also pumped to see your portfolio set a new record! It is always great when your portfolio climbs to new heights. Congrats Jordan!

Dividend Seedling – $57.32 –  This dividend seedling is really starting to grow into an impressive dividend tree.  Keep pushing towards your goal of crossing $60 for the second time in a month. Let’s make it happen in 2021.

Dividend Income Stocks – $418.76 – We have another big milestone here. DIS crossed the $100k market value milestone in November! Further, you still had a solid increase even though you didn’t receive a dividend from a holding you had last year. It isn’t fun when you lose a dividend due to a sale; however, we’re sure you found some great alternative dividend investments!

Dividends Down Under – $44.65 – Even though this income dropped and was cut in half, it was to better deploy the capital into better dividends in other months!  Therefore, I am all about that decision you made DDU!  Excited to see what your dividend income will look like in 2021.

DivGro – $2,538 – Wow.  Just wow.  First 25 companies are paying you an average of $100.  Further, the # of dividend aristocrats is insane, from General Dynamics (GD), Hormel (HRL), Lowe’s (LOW) and Texas Instruments (TXN), to name a few.  I see you have a HUGE dividend from the COVID-19 vaccine front runner of Pfizer (PFE).  Loving it!  Motivating for sure.

Tawcan – $1,827.66 – So awesome.  I love the breakdown – showcasing the DRIP shares is key – as you know, that’s what we are all about, as well!  Further, showing the forward income is crucial, just another reason why dividend investing is the best!  Thanks for the inspiration Tawcan!

Wallet Squirrel – $64.65 – The SEO experts with a kick ass website once again pumped out some strong dividend income in November.  How can you complain about any income report that includes Verizon and Realty Income?

Journey to Total Freedom – $178.32 –  JTF produced an absolutely insane savings rate in November.  I know this article highlights dividends, but that amount is to impressive not to feature here!

Kody’s Dividend – $86.15 –  Kody’s income for the month is a story we can all relate too. The impact from a massive dividend cut from a company in the energy sector was offset by many recent dividend increases that have been announced!

Young Dividend – $1,569.88 – Holy freaking cow Young Dividend! That is an IMPRESSIVE month of dividends. Your top 5 dividend payers in November are some of the cream of the crop too (T, CLX, PG, O, and GIS). Enjoy those high quality dividends!

My Dividend Pipeline – $465.27 –  MDP delivering strong dividend results, as usual. In addition to the dividend income, MDP received over $400 in interest from a CD! Hopefully you have a strong yield locked in there!

Seeking the Dividends – $241.77 –  Your dividend income continues trending in the right direction Seeking the Dividends. You took a huge leap in 2020 compared to 2019. Let’s see what 2021 has in store for you.

Dividend Cultivator – $1,671.25 –  Excellent stuff here by Dividend Cultivator. Not only did you absolutely crush it, in terms of dividend income, you also received some monster dividend increases as well. You have to love the power of dividend reinvesting!

Engineer My Freedom – $123.71 – That new dividend from AT&T made a significant difference in your dividend income this year, compared to last. It is nuts taht you were also able to DRIP almost 2 new shares of T before their price climbed. Fantastic work this month.

Stalflare – 1,045 (Euros) – Unfortunately, Stalflare’s dividend income decreaed by 25% compared to last year. The dividend cut bug could not be shaken. However, with all the positive dividend news lately, hopefully there will be a strong recovery in 2021 for you!

Mr. Tako Escapes – $68 – The second month of the quarter continues to be the lowest for Mr. Tako. However, it is MORE than made up for in the other two months of the quarter. We cannot wait to see what you have in store for us in December.

Dividend Vet – $481.70 –  Impressive Vet. An 83% year over year dividend increase compared to last year.  How could you not love results like that?? We shared names like T, CVS, O, KMI, and SBUX this last month.

Dividends and Divergences – $33.55 –  Love it. Dividends and Divergences is bucking the trend by having the second month in the quarter be the largest dividend paying month. While we own Kroger, it was nice to see you also receiving dividends from another large grocery store chain, Publix.

My Dividend Snowball – $652.66 –  Love the blog name, as we often talk about the power of the dividend snowball once it gets rolling. Between ABBV, BMO, RY, and others, our dividend snowball will start rolling quickly!  Fantastic month and very strong year over year growth.

Your Average Dough – $545.97 –  You big 3 contributed accounted for over half of your dividend income for the month. Luckily, your Big 3 are some strong dividend growth stocks: Omega Healthcare (OHI), Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY), and AbbVie (ABBV).

Reinis Fischer – $140.67 –  This is Reinis’ first time on in the monthly blogger article! 9 companies paid RF a dividend compared to last year. However, overall dividend income was down compared to last year, due to 4 less copmanies paying RF a dividend this year compared to last.

Dividends from Scratch – $140.49 – LAst, but definitely not least, we have Dividends From Scratch. VTI, T, and ABBV led the charge for you in November. Enjoy the the dividend increase from MKC too!

Total:  57 Bloggers Received $34,908.17 in Dividends in November (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation).

The community averaged $612 in dividend income this month! Further, we added 1 more blogger compared to our October 2020 income summary artcle. It is great seeing our community continue to grow!

Every month, we talk about how awesome this community is. We truly mean it. All of you continue to amaze, inspire, and push us to continue buying dividend growth stocks. How can you not get excited after reading each of these 57 journeys towards financial freedom?!

The name of the game is buying income producing assets that increase your passive income. Build that growing, passive income stream that will one day cover your living expenses.

We always preach the importance of remaining consistent and investing as much of our income as possible over the years. The saying goes “It is about time in the market, not timing the market.”  We truly believe that dividend income is the easiest source of passive income (Read our 5 Reason Why). Therefore, let’s continue to save every dollar possible, cut expenses, and do whatever it takes to reach this coveted end game.

If you are not sure where to invest your cash, we also have you covered with the following articles:

Now that you are motivated and armed with plenty of resources to save and invest, lets TAKE ACTION.  Time to find some undervalued dividend growth stocks to invest in.  Let’s keep that dividend income stream flowing!

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

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