Dividend Income from YOU the Bloggers – September 2020

The quarter-end dividend income from the dividend community is here!  This is where YOU literally put the FIRE in F.I.R.E.!  The tradition continues to march on, as the dividend income from YOU the bloggers continues to push the limits!  We are all on some form of a Financial Independence journey and we are primarily using dividend income as our main source of passive income to reach financial freedom. The September installment of this article highlights XX separate journeys and each of their September dividend income summaries.

A Frugal Family’s Journey – $273.26 – I see you are heavy in the oil industry.  I am VERY curious what Exxon Mobile (XOM) will do with their dividend.  Have you considered building up other dividend stock positions, to reduce the exposure to oil stocks?  Something to consider!

Money Maaster – $518.28 – Banking, REITs and Insurance!  Sounds like you had a solid month, stayed invested and the income is growing.  That’s called being a master of your money.  Nice job!

Young Dividend – $1,998.56 – I feel your pain with dividend cuts.  However, enjoy the dividends from Honeywell (HON), Microsoft (MSFT) and McDonald’s (MCD), to name a few.  Speaking of McDonald’s – maybe November we have a dividend increase?  Let’s hope!

Passive Canadian Income – $741.38 – The 21% dividend increase is great PCI! We love that Johnson & Johnson addition this year. Those dividend payments, from the BEST dividend stock, provided a nice bump for you.

My Dividend Dynasty – $1,307.21 –  MDD received dividend sfrom over 20 companies in September. That was a new personal record.  That $150+ dividend from IBM is INSANE.  The company is making major moves in the news and your portfolio.

Dividend Earner – $2,928 –  Wow, wow, wow! Earner is closing in on the $3,000 mark. You’ll EASILY crush that milestone in December. Keep on pushing!

Dividend Portfolio – $32.17 –  11 companies paid Dividend Portfolio a dividend in September. Notably, nearly all the companies were Dividend Aristocrats (25+ years consecutive dividend increases). Talk about a high quality dividend income stream.

Passive Income Pursuit – $1,507.32 –  JC’s overall portfolio continues to shine. Personally loved the $100 dividend from VF Corp in September. Hopefully you will receive a nice dividend increase from them in October.

Dividend Quest – $667.09 – Dividend Quest had a very balanced third quarter. In July, August, and September, he received $706, $655, and $667, respectively. It is very difficult to achieve balanced dividends each month of the quarter!

Divicents – $2,838.98 – WOW! Divicents dividend growth rates in 2020 continue to EXPLODE. Keep up the fantastic work. It was nice to see that you received zero dividend cuts too.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); DesiDividend – $1,346.53 – A new record!  That is very impressive Desi, especially given the massive Wells Fargo dividend cut you received. Continue pushing your dividend income forward.

Kody’s Dividend – $139.46 –  Another bloggger, another strong dividend increase. Kody notched a 92% year over year dividend increase! All in all, you guessed it, this was a personal record for Kody!

All About the Dividends – $705.55 – Matthew’s revamped portfolio was ready to perform in September!  Enbridge delivered a nice chink of change for you during the month!

More Dividends – $165.05 – One line of the article stood out to me: “The longer I do this dividend investing the more fun that I am having with it.” Mic Drop. Enough said. Freaking love it MD.

A Dividend Dream – $187 – We have another investor that received a new dividend from Johnson & Johnson. It is awesome seeing so many people add to this great dividend growth stock.

Reverse the Crush – $78.08 – Almost crossed that $100 threshold RTC.  LET’s GO!!!!  Crossing $100 by year-end, can you do it?  Great dividend stocks you own.  Time to close the gap!

Dividend Dozer – $454.22 – 6 or 7 Dividend Aristocrats on that list, many that are Top 5 Foundation Dividend Stocks baby!  We are talking McDonald’s (MCD), Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) and new dividend aristocrats with International Business Machines (IBM).   Love it.  $500 in December, let’s get it!

Dividend Pig – $2,724.73 – Insane.  77 fricken companies.  You have 4 pages of companies that are sending you checks.  How cool is that?  That is EXACTLY what this dividend investing journey is about.  Not dependent on a single company and if one goes down, “next dividend up”.  Inspirational DPIG, loving it.

Broke Investor – $71.39 – I know we are all about to feel the sting from Dominion (D) and I see that you will be included in that mix as well.  Time to add other strong dividend stocks to make up for it and Dominion will be back, in time!

Wallet Squirrel – $17.46 – The SEO Nerd and Finance Ninja themselves – this is one of the BEST designed blogs out there.  In fact, I recommend you reach out to them if you want your site to have a facelift and better SEO.  Further, they earned dividends from two dividend beasts with Microsoft (MSFT) – one of the 5 tech stocks that pay big dividends – and Realty Income (O) – the dividend stock that pays you to be a passive landlord!

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Dividend Gremlin – $497.29 – A 14% dividend growth from prior year is impressive.  I did not know that Kellogg (K) was having such an “eh” type of year – when General Mills (GIS) and Kraft (KHC) are killing it.  Will the others still continue to do well going forward?  We shall find out.

DivHut – $1,707.32 – 10 dividend aristocrats is impressive, such as ConEd (ED), Grainger (GWW) and 3M (MMM).  Excited to see your income beat 2019’s total.  Further, time to see what increases we will receive to finish off 2020!

Engineering Dividends – $1,311.96 – WOW!  Setting records, amongst all of the portfolio changes you have gone through.  You are receiving dividend raises, but also are selling full and/or partial positions in Target (TGT) and Realty Income (O).  Wild seeing you reduce position in dividend aristocrats, but know your strategy and stick to it.  Cheers to you setting the largest dividend income record in December!

Dividend Swan – $270.56 – Boom!  Crossing the mendoza line there!  I see you collecting that Kraft (KHC) dividend over there.  Wonder if they’re crushing down debt this year, with their increase in performance.  Would love dividend increases to resume : )

Tawcan – $2,164.52 – Showing a 2.24% growth from prior year, which – as you know, taking growth is all we can ask for right now.  You’re getting close to your 55% dividend income to cover your expenses goal.  Time to put the pedal down and finish off these last 3 months!

My Financial Shape – $1,001 – Another HUGE 4 digit month of dividend income.  Love that Unilever (UL) and JM Smucker (SJM) dividends that roll right into your portfolio.  2 great consumer companies that do well during a pandemic!

Financially Free in 10 Years – 157.20 (Euro) – Huge dividend aristocrats are paying you – including VF Corp (VFC) whom just increased their dividend 2%.  Just 1 of 5 companies set to increase their dividend THIS month of October!  Keep it up!

Mr. Tako Escapes – $14,470.28 – Speechless.  WOW.  $14 thousand.  That’s definitely more than what my taxable dividend portfolio generates.  True inspiration.  That type of dividend income on quarter ends sure smells like financial freedom.  Let the passive income stream continue to compound!

Divs4Jesus – $243.18 – Sorry that you had to follow Mr. Tako’s massive dividend haul, but someone had to follow-up!  You are doing great, with almost 40% growth from last year.  Further, I love that you had LyondellBasell (LYB) in your portfolio – I don’t see too many investors sharing this dividend stock that I own!  Time for you to get close to $300 by the end of the year.

Simple Dividend Growth – $3,754 – NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!  Crazy that he’s been investing for 33+ years and his portfolio is now crushing just massive dividend income numbers.  Talk about a glorious road to financial freedom baby!

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Journey to Total Freedom – $1,265.09 – Your journey is incredible.  Keeping costs insanely low, yet increasing your income slowly but surely.

Engineer my Freedom – $114.27 – Crossing the 3 digit mark.  AH… smells good to hit that financial milestone, right?  Also – 8 dividend aristocrats pay you, including newcomers of IBM and Realty Income (O).  We will see what Exxon (XOM) decides to do with their dividend, the oil industry is in a very tough spot.

Root of Good – $6,373 – Loving it.  Another early retiree, just cruising!  I am so pumped to read this article.  Why?  So many different forms of income coming in, not just dividend income.  We are talking blog, consulting, kick backs, selling/side hustles and… yes – dividend income.  It’s a beautiful thing!

The Dividend Guy Blog – $551.98 – NICE!  Up 15% from prior year and those Canadian dividend growth holdings are legendary.  We are talking Fortis and Enbridge – two dividend giants North of the border.  Nice work and keep at it!

Dividend Seedling – $63.56 – I love that you have Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), a dividend growth stock with a perfect dividend payout ratio.  Time to add more potentially?  Let us know!

Dividend Growth Journey – $495.71 – Congratulations on the new record and you will surely hit $500 by year’s end.  Time to save your money and invest into solid and sound dividend paying stocks.  Ever think of investing more into JNJ – which could arguably be the best dividend growth stock, period?

Dividend Driven – $1,378.25 – WOW.  Another 4 digit month.  Don’t you just love quarter-ends like I do?  All of the mutual funds and exchange traded funds are paying out handsomely.  In our Vanguard video, we talk about how Lanny/I have committed to purchase shares on a weekly basis.

Dividend Income Stocks – $428.27 – 18% dividend growth rate is so darn awesome.  If you keep that up, this time, next year – you will be WELL over $500!  I cannot wait for that.

Investing Pursuits – $414.63 – That’s really cool you own Burger King/ Popeyes chicken / Tim Horton’s aka Restaurant Brands International (RBI).  We actually put them toe to toe against McDonald’s (MCD) for whom is the better dividend stock!  Here is the video below in case anyone wanted to watch.

Chicken Wizard – $1,449.18 – There we go.  Yes, I do (Lanny) also own BHP Billiton (BBL) and received a nice dividend from them as well.  It will be nice if they can keep that dividend engine rolling.

DGI for the DIY – $332.40 – I see you also own dividend stocks in the oil industry with Exxon (XOM) and Chevron (CVX).  I believe Chevron has a nicer balance sheet and should be OK, however Exxon has definitely increased my concern levels.  Let’s see how the industry finishes 2020.

Dividends and Hobbies – $1,127.66 – 4 months in a row of one thousand dollars+.  That Bank of America (BAC) dividend is huge.  It will be great to see how the banking industry continues to do throughout the global pandemic.  We think the industry stands to do well during this time period.

Dividend Hawk – $1,838.95 – Hawking down those dividends! I see you own Visa (V).  I cannot wait to see that dividend increase next week, hopefully.  In addition, your increase from last year is awesome.  Freedom Hawk, Freedom.

Stalflare – 1,258 Euro – BOOM!  ANOTHER thousand+ milestone.  From tracking the dividend income from YOU the Bloggers, this has to be the most over one thousand.  Incredible.  Congrats Stalflare, keep stacking!

Divcome – $765.80 – Throwing the hammer down!  I see you have Essential Utilities (WTRG), aka the old Aqua company.  Love the water utility industry and wish their prices would come down.  Stead cash flow and dividend increases from them!  Congrats on the 50% growth, as well.  Next September = $1,000 for you.

More Money Guru – $4,588.36 – Wow. The mic has been dropped MMG. That is an INSANE amount of dividend income. Continue reinvesting those dividend and watching that amount grow.

Our Life Financial – $254.30 –  The dividend income stream is starting to grow OLF.  The true picture is in the YOY growth from dividends received. Your 2020 dividend income is up 25% compared to last year. Fantastic stuff!

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Legend of Income – $173.79 – Look at the the slope on your monthly dividend income chart.  That’s what we LOVE to see LOI. The companies you received dividend income are some STRONG dividend paying stocks.

Get Rich Brother – $701.85 – Top notch companies indeed GRB.  You were OH SO CLOSE to breaking your June record. I’m excited to see what DEcember has in store for you. Think you can cross the $1,000 mark? Let’s find out!

Forward Dividends – $162.71 – I love this list for its simplicity. FD crushed it during September.  Why was this simple? FD received dividends from 5 Dividend Aristocrats. Those are some QUALITY dividends right there.

Tic Toc Life – $2,655.20 – The mutual funds sure flexed their muscles for Tic Toc Life.  That is an insane amount of dividend income right there.

Time in the Market – $2,535.20 – Steve, your dividend employee, continues to crush it TITM!  By the way, that is a might fine savings rate as well. Keep it up TITM.

Toms Dividends – $104.93 (Euros) –  We have an entrant from Instagram here! Tom had a record setting September, crushing his previous high (74.12 Euros in June) out of the water. On top of that, Tom also joined the 3 digit club!

Dividend Brothers – $21.50 –  Loving the dividends here Dividend Brothers. That 3M dividend looks awesome, and its one of Bert’s favorite dividend stocks.

Total:  54 Bloggers Received $73,110 in Dividends in September (depending on the exchange rate used at the time of the calculation).

The community averaged $1,353 in dividend income this month!  The quarter end did NOT disappoint.  Dividend investors are loving this month, the month were the passive income is the strongest and it gives you that sweet taste of financial freedom baby.  NICE JOB! Let’s see if we can cross $100,000 as a community in December!

We also added 1 more blogger to this article compared to last month. For the third consecutive month, we crossed 50 bloggers!  Is this the first time we showcased 54 passive income streams?!  It is nice to see some improvement there.  Like some of the bloggers in the article, we continue to set records and raise the bar!  If you were not included this month and would like to be considered in future articles, then please drop us a comment below or reply to one of our Tweets!  We’re always looking for new bloggers to add.

Our community continues to push forward and increase our dividend income.  September has been turbulent in the Stock Market through 3+ weeks, will this continue?  The stock market has fallen from their record highs.  Guess how the dividend investing community has responded? That’s right…by purchasing strong, undervalued dividend growth stocks.  When you read the dividend summaries, you should also check out all of the dividend stocks that were purchased.  We may have to start a “Dividend Stock Purchases from YOU the Bloggers” next!

Community, we are IN the final quarter of 2020.  Strap those boots, tie those shoes, it’s time to focus and push ourselves harder than ever.  We performed well in September, without a doubt.  Now isn’t the time to take our foot off the pedal!  Increasing your dividend income, and reaching financial freedom, is as important as ever.  Therefore, let’s continue to save every dollar possible, cut expenses, and do whatever it takes to reach this coveted end game.

We always preach the importance of remaining consistent and investing as much of our income as possible over the years. The saying goes “It is about time in the market, not timing the market.”  We truly believe that dividend income is the easiest source of passive income (Read our 5 Reason Why) and will always preach the importance of growing your passive income.  Therefore, if you are not sure where to invest your cash, we also have you covered with the following articles:

Now that you are motivated and armed with plenty of resources to save an invest, it is time to TAKE ACTION.  Let’s find some undervalued dividend growth stocks to invest in.  Let’s keep that dividend income stream flowing!

-Lanny and Bert, the Dividend Diplomats

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