It is almost spring, when so many look forward to getting outdoors. While you are still spending time indoors, now might be a very good time to check out the condition of the windows in your home.  I love windows.  They let in light, open up a room, access fresh air and give a view to the world.  When windows lose their integrity, they can be not only unsightly, but can lose most of these benefits and can let in cold air and moisture that can damage wood or vinyl surrounding windows. 

You can prevent the damage to surrounding woodwork and more, by knowing when a window needs replacement, and not just caulk.  All Pro Xteriors Inc offers tips for spotting window problems. Look for the following conditions in a window that needs replacement.  If you find one or more of these conditions, click contact at or call (952) 486-7834 for a free inspection and quote.

  • Condensation present INSIDE the glass (it is normal to have condensation on the glass exterior, at least in MN). 
  • Warped wood or cracked vinyl on the window sash.
  • Cracks or dents in window casing (frame).
  • Windows should open and close smoothly and easily.
  • Any questions, get a free inspection.

Don’t ignore any of these issues, because the sooner the window is replaced, the less damage done to surrounding woodwork, walls and flooring.  IF you are unsure of whether your inspection shows signs of window problems, remember, All Pro Xteriors Inc. at phone (952) 486-7834 offers free inspections.