Does Solar Work in Winter?

I am looking out at a gray sky and falling snow on a northern winter afternoon. I reflect on how */#$%^&* cold it is outside and think “There is no way anyone will believe solar can work here and now.”  Yet, solar does work.  Solar energy is a favorite renewable energy power source precisely because it is so dependable, even in winter.  Does solar work in winter?  The answer is yes.

Does Solar Work in Winter

Short Days Still Produce

Viewing it logically, I have to admit, with shorter days there is less time for the solar panels to generate power. That means solar panels produce less electricity.  As long as there is still daylight, solar panels are still generating power. With a solar storage unit, you’ll enjoy electricity from solar work in winter, produced by your own solar array, all winter long.

Gray Days Have Some Light

Gray days do mean cloudy conditions and there is certainly less sun.  Still, if it is light enough for you to recognize daylight, there is enough ambient light for your solar panels to generate power.  Solar panels can use direct OR indirect sunlight to produce electricity.  It won’t be at the level they produced when the sun beat on your rooftop, but it will still produce. 

Snow on Solar Panels

When there is snow on solar panels, they cannot collect photovoltaic rays for power generation, but here is where something amazing happens.  When a corner of the panel is exposed, it begins to warm up as it collects the sun’s rays.  As the panel corner warms up, it begins to melt some of the snow.  The snow begins to slide, revealing more of the panel, which then warms up. Before long, the panel is able to collect more photovoltaic rays to convert to electrical power.  

If you are impatient to get your panels back to full production faster, you might be able to CAREFI:::U clear your panels.  Only do so if you must. If you damage the solar panels while clearing them, it is NOT covered in the warranty.  It is nice to know that even if you stay inside, your solar panels will eventually clear themselves.  Meanwhile, you might have to buy back some of the power you sold to your electric company when your solar panels overproduced electricity during long summer days.

Solar is an Ideal Choice in Minnesota, No Matter what Time of Year It Is!

Solar is a proven energy source, and a solid investment, even in the nastiest of winters.  It is an abundant resource that can heat and cool your home summer and winter.  When paired with a battery storage unit, your home can thrive summer and winter even during winter power outages.

Renewable Solar Resources is a family run Minnesota firm.  They have spent years working to support the transition to clean solar power systems on residential and commercial properties.  Renewable Solar Resources believes in a clean energy future and has found solar to be an incredibly reliable year round energy source.  Solar panels, micro-inverters and solar storage have continued to become ever more efficient, making solar an incredibly affordable option for renewable energy of today and the future. Does solar work in winter? Contact the crew at Renewable Solar Resources and get answers specific to your project.