Sports Injury?  Don’t deal with it, Heal it!  An orthopedic doctor can help heal even serious sports injuries and conditions.

Sports injuries refers to a wide range of injuries like concussions, stress or bone fractures or dislocations.  Sometimes that join instability is NOT just age or muscle strain, but something more serious.  If your body is not performing at its normal level, it may be time to speak to an orthopedic medical professional.  Find out what is really going on and how it can be treated.

Here are some common Sports injuries:

Concussions, or traumatic brain injury caused by a blow to the head or neck.  This is one of the most prevalent athletic injuries, affecting millions.

Bone Fractures and stress fractures are a result of direct injury or unremitting stress over time. 

Dislocations can result from sudden rotation or impact to a joint.  Immediate medical attention will be needed due to the pain level.  This is a common injury suffered in sport competitions.

Knee and ankle sports injuries.  If runner’s knee, meniscus tear or other kneed and ankle injuries seem familiar, perhaps it is because there are so many causes.  Knee and ankle injuries can result from collisions, pivots, squatting motions during activity or accidents.  When those injuries happen, Orthopedic Doctors can treat you and help you find the right rehab program to get you back on your feet.

Elbow and shoulder sports injuries are rampant in sports like baseball, volley ball or tennis.  Your orthopedic doctor can guide you through the realm of surgical and non-surgical options to treat these common injuries.

When you are injured, you need professionals who understand orthopedic problems and treatments, and who can recognize your symptoms.