Earth Day 2022

How often do you get to make an investment that saves you money and helps the entire planet?  Today is Earth Day 2022 and this year’s theme is “invest in our planet”.  Businesses and homeowners are called to shift toward sustainable practices.  That makes now a great time to convert to clean renewable energy.  If you’re In Minnesota, and interested in a transition to solar energy ,you’re in luck.  A family run firm called Renewable Solar Resources (RSR) can perform an energy audit and PV analysis for you, free.  If you like what you learn, they can handle the entire installation, from permits, to inverters.

EarthDay 2022- Invest in our planet

An Earth Day Opportunity

Renewable Solar Resources has spent years working to support the transition to solar energy systems on residential and commercial properties.  From the start, RSR believed in a clean energy future and found solar energy to be an incredibly reliable resource.  Solar panels, boosters and solar storage continue to grow in efficiency, making solar an extremely affordable choice.

Savings Begin Immediately

A solar power generating system starts paying for itself as soon as it is installed. Within minutes of connection, solar panel arrays begin to generate electricity. You can use that solar power to run your home or business.  Immediately, you begin to save on your electric bill and by midsummer, may well be selling electricity back to the grid.  In general, people who convert to solar power say that within eight years, their solar panels have paid for themselves and saving thousands of dollars a year.  This Earth Day 2022 is your day to invest in the planet and your home,  It’s a sure savings opportunity.

Tax Credit

A solar power generating system is a great investment, even without a discount, but don’t let that stop you from taking advantage of the US federal tax credit.  Home and business owners can reduce their tax debt by up to 26% of the cost of their solar panel installation. Make sure you place the system in service during the tax year and generate electricity for a home in the US.  The savings drop to 22% next year, so no is this earth day 2022 is the time to invest in your planet.  

Higher Home Value

If you have to sell your home to relocate, the National association of realtors says you have raised your home’s value by thousands and made it more marketable.

A Balance that Powers Quality of Life While Reducing Emissions

World leaders are in accord.  Every nation needs to work toward zero carbon output.  A recent Bloomberg publication asserts the carbon emissions are led by the rich without regard to international borders.  If you’re not one of the rich, don’t gloat yet.  When we are trying to reduce carbon emissions worldwide, it is critical that all of us engage in the goal.  Solar panels offer a carbonless source of electricity that supports our quality of life, while drastically reducing our electrical bills.  This is a change most of us can afford to make, with a return that actually saves us money. Solar Panels are quiet, affordable and out of the way on your rooftop or even in your garden.  You can discuss your preferences with your solar energy installation company. 

This Earth Day 2022, invest in our planet and in your home or business; convert to solar power and let the savings begin!