Where are Renewable Solar Resources in Minnesota

If you’re In Minnesota, and interested in a transition to solar energy, you’re in luck.  A family run firm called Renewable Solar Resources has spent years working to support the transition to solar energy systems on residential and commercial properties.  Renewable Solar Resources believes in a clean energy future and has found solar to be an incredibly reliable energy source.  Solar panels, inverters and solar storage continue to become ever more efficient, making solar an extremely affordable choice for renewable energy of today and the future.

Where to Find Renewable Solar Resources in Minnesota
Where to Find Renewable Solar Resources in Minnesota – image source: Devonie McCamey,

Affordable Renewable Solar Resources

So many electricity customers in Minnesota are afraid to convert to solar power due to the cost.  We think you will be surprised at how little it really costs to have solar installed.  Besides connecting you to financial options, Renewable Solar Resources ensures your solar power generation system is affordable, efficient and reliable.  The feedback from customers is that they get a great return on their investment that they can actually see.  Over their solar panels’ lifecycle, the difference in Electric bills more than pays for itself.

Quick Effective Installations

The installation can happen in one day.  After your site audit, when you are ready to have your solar panels installed a crew will schedule your installation.  They assist with any paperwork and permits too.  Then a professional skilled team installs your solar panel system in as little as one day.  Imagine enjoying the benefits and savings within minutes of when the crew leaves your site.  Just get in touch with Renewable Solar Resources in Minnesota to make it happen.

Efficient Energy Production

There are many ways to ensure optimum efficiency for your solar panels.  That’s why Renewable Solar Resources follows new developments in the solar power industry. For instance, string inverters are a traditional cost-effective method of converting the electricity for a home or business. An entire system of solar panels connect to one inverter. But with a string inverter the system’s production level is as good as the lowest producing solar panel in the array.  If something is on one of the panels, it still works, but produces a little less electricity.

One method of boosting energy production is to install microinverters on some solar panels. By using individual microinverters on each solar panel, customers reap the benefits of the highest producing panels along with the lowest and everything in between.  When Renewable Solar Resources researched a less expensive way to boost power production, they passed the savings to their customers.   

A power optimizer saves money over the micro-inverters, while offering offer more flexibility.  It also delivers higher power production and monitoring opportunities than a string inverter.  Ask your Renewable Solar Resources rep for more information about a power optimizer for your solar power system.

Green Energy

Solar panels produce electricity for decades, with nearly immeasurable emissions.  In fact solar panels have the lowest emission level of several energy options.  Solar lifecycle has 6g of CO2 equivalent per kWh.  Compare that to coal at 109g, gas at 78g, hydro at 97g and bioenergy at 98g.  Those stated emissions include the manufacture of materials for each manner of electricity production.  Once the solar panels are installed, they run emission free for the 25-40 years they are in operation.  That is an amazingly green renewable resource choice, and it can be affordably, efficiently yours.  Get the information you need at Renewable-Solar.com or call (888) 432-9024.