End of Assignment Evaluations For Effective Management

In our experience based market, are you asking your business customers for immediate feedback?  Are you giving your vendors feed back too?  Just as importantly, are you giving your employees evaluations of their participation in group and individual assignments as soon as the assignments are completed? 

Annual evaluations occur long after the undesirable behavior has become an ingrained habit and rarely result in positive change.  Once a year evaluations are becoming one sided criticisms of actions that result in deteriorating employee relationships instead of the positive behavior changes you hope for. 

Consider restructuring your assessments to End-of-Job evaluations and interchanges.  Be open to hearing about how you or your management might do better, as well as sharing improvement ideas with staff.  If the assignment had a bad outcome, remember to let staff know they are better than that.  The task might have been done badly, but they made a mistake that they can fix and don’t repeat.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Then move on.  Obviously, if you have this same exchange constantly, for the same issues, they will probably not change, and you need to address the problem in a different way. It has always seemed a great practice to me to praise employees immediately and in front of others when they do well.  Reprimand employees immediately in private when they make a mistake.  

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