Enhance Your Rehab Program With Cane Chi

Previously, we posted an article on Cane Ja.  It is one of the multiple self defense and wellness training programs offered by Cane Master International Association.  Martial arts, besides being a method to kill or prevent someone from injuring you, is also an art discipline that enhances medicinal practices, developing mind, body and spirit.  Cane Masters offers instruction on several disciplines, all of which center around the cane as a medical aid and a tool of self defense.  

This week, I would like to cover the discipline of Cane Chi.

Cane Chi, a registered trademark of Cane Masters, Inc., is an exercise, fitness and rehabilitation discipline designed for the use of the cane.  Cane Masters offers a training manual, resistance bands and a Cane Master training cane individually or combined to be a complete gift set for someone you know, who needs strength building.  The bands and cane form a complete gym, usable while standing, sitting or laying down. If you are looking for yourself, show the manual to your doctor or rehab professional. There is even a detailed checklist in the back of the manual, which your doctor can mark to customize your recovery program, down to the number of reps (number of time a movement is repeated).  This exercise system is meant to enhance your medical rehabilitation program and Cane Masters, Inc. encourages you to share it with your doctor to get the most out of your complete gym.

CaneMasters is especially proud of how many customers, who began this discipline while they used walkers, and progressed to the much more travel friendly cane.  The healing can begin with the first training kit, comprised of a cane, resistance exercise bands, printed materials and instructional DVDs. For more information, visit CaneMasters.com and search Cane Chi.