FMS With the Zagar MQ150 SU

The Concept of Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS)is not new, but its time has come.  The development of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) made the implementation of FMS possible by the mid 1970’s.  What has changed is the manufacturing industry’s decision to accommodate the need driven by the COVID 19 pandemic.  Medical Demands meant manufacturers had to instantly retool in order to meet those demands.  The CNC automated control of machining tools such as drills, boring tools, and lathes, facilitated faster line changeovers.  Manufacturers were suddenly able to produce needed PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) to immediately fill the need created by massive PPE shortages. 

The crucial advantage of FMS is its ability to produce a variety of products on the same machine, as it accommodates ongoing design changes. While the production life cycles may be shorter, there are compensating new market opportunities, making FMS a top competitive priority for many manufacturers. 

Manufacturers, Zagar, is listening.  A longtime pioneer in hole producing machinery, Zagar has been streamlining machines, to offer greater flexibility in manufacturing, while recognizing the lack of time available to train human resources on new systems.   It takes time to develop the flexibility you need, but recently we announced exciting changes to the CNC controlled MQ150. 

The Mechanical Quill 150 Sealed Unit, or MQ150 SU is a Ballscrew feed unit which comes standard with pre-engineered modular control systems and control components.  The operating software is user friendly, so you can easily enter the cutting tool parameters: stroke, speed, feed, drill, or rigid tap and more.  These feed units are PLC compatible for multiple unit auto cycling and auto changeover between stored tooling sub-routines. 

If you need to replace old units, support-transition plates make retro fitting of workholding collet fixtures a smooth process.  Other MQ150 SU specifications include:

  • Precision ground, pre-loaded, zero backlash, 5 mm pitch ball screw assembly.
  • The ball screw is on the centerline of a hardened, precision, 55 mm diameter quill.
  • A sealed internal lubrication system and grease packed bearings.
  • Precision grade – EP7 high precision spindle bearings.
  • Involute spline driven spindle.
  • HSK-32C spindle nose supplied connection with clamping cartridge assembly.
  • Standard sealed synthetic lubrication for long life and operation in any position.
  • Mounting brackets to suit feed and spindle motors.
  • HTD synchronous, 8mm pitch, feed belt and pulleys.
  • HTD synchronous spindle belt and pulleys.
  • Zagar sub-base plate with keyway (NOTE: Barrell mounting bracket can be quoted as OPTION upon request).
  • Customer to supply toolholders.

All those specifications create some incredible capabilities in both Drilling and Tapping applications.

  • Drill Spindle Capacity max is:
    • 3hp, 2.23kW,
    • 5.2N-m or 46 in-lbs
    • @5000 rpm
  • Drill Spindle Speed ranges from 400 rpm to 5,000 rpm.
  • Maximum Drill sizes – HSS Tool:
    • Stainless Steel Ø 9.5 (.375″)
    • CRS                  Ø 12.7 (.500″)
    • Aluminum       Ø 17.4 (.687″)
  • Tap Servo spindle capacity maximum is:
    •  4.2hp, or 3.2kW
    • 34.4 N-m or 305 in-lbs
    • @3000 rpm
  • Servo motor spindle speed ranges from 400 rpm to 3000 rpm.
  • Servo spindle motor frame size has 110mm (4.33 inch) pilot diameter.
  • Maximum tap sizes – HSS cut Style are:
    • Stainless Steel Ø M8 x 1.25 (5/16-18″)
    • CRS                    Ø M12 x 1.75 (1/2-13″)
    • Aluminum       Ø M16 x 2.00 (9/16-12″)

When one product can deliver all that speed and power, it make it exciting to see our manufacturing customers enjoy the new competitive edge the Zagar MQ150 SU offers and we are proud of the flexibility it will deliver to manufacturers.  Visit for more information.