It has been 7 years since the record setting $25 billion agreement with the five largest mortgage servicers addressing foreclosure abuses, and yet, it was only this year, in a hearing at Brooklyn Borough Hall that residents and housing experts testified on deed theft, liens for minor unpaid bills, fraudulent documents and other foreclosure related challenges.   

Foreclosure fraud still happens, as testified in Kings county NY, and The New York State Senate, according to Sarah Ludwig, has cut funding for foreclosure prevention services.  Meanwhile, homeowner victims still need the experience and commitment of lawyers like Michael K. Karlson, who fight foreclosure on behalf of homeowners on a daily basis. 

Though the number of foreclosures has dropped since the crisis,  New York State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli warned earlier this year that “the foreclosure crisis is far from over,” adding, “New York must continue to support the programs and reforms that have helped homeowners avoid foreclosure and communities reduce blight caused by zombie properties.”

Attorney Michael K. Karlson protects foreclosure victims from foreclosure fraud, extenuating circumstances of foreclosure, inherited property with unknown liens and much more.  The foreclosure crisis is far from over, but you can find the help you need.  Turn to Michael K. Karlson for Foreclosure defense.  He is local and is driven to protect homeowner victims of foreclosure.