Hard Money Finances Dreams

Sometimes hard money is the only way to get the financing you need. 

Jeff (not his real name) worked in construction for decades.  When the recession imploded the housing lenders and market he decided to retire rather than struggle through.  Just recently, Jeff and his spouse decided they wanted to build their forever home – themselves.  Jeff knows how to build houses and knows coding, but because he is not currently licensed as a general contractor, he could not get financing approved for building his own home.

Then Jeff checked into hard money real estate financing.  He was able to get a private construction loan with draws that allowed him to build the home of his dreams.  Once the home was done, Jeff was able to refinance it into a conventional home mortgage at a normal rate. 

Got a dream?  Tell us about your goals at CapitalMoneyFund.com.  We may have a solution for you.