How to Make SEO Marketing Work For You

SEO marketing is critical to website success.  It helps make your website more visible and that brings more traffic with more conversion opportunities changing visitors to customers.

SEO Marketing

What is SEO Marketing?

Though the acronym SEO is common today, lets take a moment to make sure we’re all thinking the same thing.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  It is the process of getting from traffic from organic editorial or normal search results. SEO is a tool in the digital marketers arsenal that improves your websites position in search results pages. 

SEO marketing is digital marketing that optimizes web pages and social media platforms for search engines like Google. An SEO Marketing agency uses practices to make your website easier for search engines to “crawl” or evaluate.

What are the steps in the SEO Marketing Process

Identify relevant keywords with good search traffic potential

The step of relevant keyword identification is similar for both paid and organic searches. Keywords or keyword phrases are used for all searches.  That means it is important to take time to check which wording most people use to find content relevant to the services or products you supply.

For example, you might be tempted to use the phrase usb flash drives which attracts 1,200 searches a month.  If you identify how users search your product, you might instead use the keyword phrase usb flash drive which draws 13,300 searches a month, 11 x the number of  searches. Alternatively, if you used the keyword phrase flash drive, you might draw 38,500 searches a month, or 32 x the number of searches for usb flash drives.  The phrases each refer to the same product, but people overwhelmingly use certain terms for that particular search.  SEO marketing uses that knowledge to help more people find the relevant information on your website.

Create high quality useful content

The most important part of creating content for your website is to use high quality and engaging writing.  Once you have written a section or article, you can go back and optimize the content. By creating high quality, useful content and then optimizing it for search engines and users, you improve user experience and help more searchers find your website.  The more unique, relevant and quality of your content, the higher your site authority rank can go.


Backlinks are links on your website that point to another website.  When you write blogs for your website, be sure to include relevant links to other high quality sites. It may seem counterintuitive to send people away from your website, but when you use authoritative sites for your own writing, your visitors see you value quality information and they are more likely to trust the information you are providing them.

Measure the results.

Always make sure you take the time to check the SEO Marketing Results.  Those results may not be immediately apparent, but in a regular reasonable amount of time, it is important to check what types of content draw user engagement and reach.  It helps you more effectively communicate with your customer base on issues they value. It also makes your content more relevant to the interests of your audience, bringing more visibility to your website. Each of these steps are part of the ResourceShark SEO marketing for our own clients.  Why do we use SEO Marketing on their behalf? WE use it because the SEO Marketing steps help direct campaigns, are measurable and they work.  That is true especially for small to medium size businesses on a budget.  We help businesses find new customers and nurture existing ones using content marketing and social media.  You can learn more about digital marketing at or by calling (888) 610-9250.