How to Save on your Car Insurance

  • Get an affordable car – with less customization – the car insurance will be more affordable too.
  • Choose a plan with a higher deductible if you can afford it.  Then deposit the difference in your insurance payments into a savings account until you have at least the amount of the deductible saved up.
  • Make one car insurance payment annually:  Insurance firms will give you a discount for a one-time annual payment.  They have less billing, tracking and mailing work to do. 
  • Bundle your insurance coverage.  By buying all your insurance together: Home, Auto and Life, you can save money.  Ask your insurance agent if this option will save you money.
Photo by from Pexels
  • Try usage based insurance.  I you are a new driver, then traditional insurance discounts based on safe driving history are not available to you.  Instead you may be able to save on your insurance premiums, based on distance, location and how you drive.
  • Compare.  Today, you rarely need to leave your own home to shop deals on anything.  So, check out different insurance plans from different providers.  Remember, insurance is not just about the cost to buy, but about what is covered when you need it.  At, we can help you find comparison rates for your insurance needs.