It’s a Great Time to Refinance

Mortgage rates have fallen.  This is a GREAT time to refinance, and lock in savings before the holiday leaves you strapped for cash.  Think of what you can save by locking into lower rates today. 

Why Refi

Your interest rate sets the cost of your mortgage loan.  You borrowed money and agreed to repay the loan plus interest.  If your interest rate is higher, then you are repaying more money to the lender than if your rate is lower.  Here’s the thing.  If you are struggling to pay the mortgage each month and refinancing today can lower your interest rates and/or monthly payments, then the refinance can also deliver a better quality of life to you and your family.

Where to Refinance

Refinancing is not always about interest rates.  Sometimes you have higher monthly expenses or a higher mortgage loan balance than conventional loans can cover.  A savvy loan officer will look at the whole picture and find the affordable, beneficial loan for your financial wellbeing.  Come see us at to get connected to a loan officer who will work with your situation to find the right loan program for you, even when you aren’t a cookie cutter borrower.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay