Keeping Home Healthy

Having a good environment in your own home is important, and leaking roofs and gutter backwash can lead to mold in your home.  If you are concerned about damp areas in your home, All Pro Xteriors Inc. can do a contact free exterior home inspection that might help you know where the moisture is coming from. 

Water damage spreading downward

Water seeping into your home can damage the home’s foundation, grow mold in the basement, walls or in the wood under the roof system.  Prolonged exposure to water can rot wood, which can corrupt the structural integrity of your home.  All Pro Xteriors can replace Improperly draining gutters and downspouts, so you and your family can breathe easier. 

Keep your home a healthy refuge.  Call All Pro Xteriors at (952) 486-7834 or visit us online at  to set up your free home inspection today.