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PG&E Corporation (PCG) Exits Bankruptcy…

PG&E Corporation

PG&E Corporation (NYSE:PCG) is an industry leader in arson and manslaughter. They also do something with electricity. PCG filed for bankruptcy in January of 2019 after they were unable to pay billions in claims. To call the bankruptcy process a klusterfuk, is generous to all involved. However, that’s all in the rearview mirror. A bunch […]

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Is the Foreclosure Moratorium Extended?

If the Foreclosure moratorium is extended, why is my lender still threatening to foreclose?

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Know the Foreclosure Process and Your Rights

When you are worried about Foreclosure, the unknown creates fear. For your own peace of mind, learn the process and know your rights.

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Foreclosures Move Forward in New York State

New York Residents: If you have received notice of intent to foreclose. If your lender will no longer accept payments from you or if you are over 90 days past due on your mortgage payments your COVID-19 relief is ending.

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Foreclosure to Resume as Courts Reopen

If you are facing foreclosure, or have received a notice of intent to foreclose, your biggest asset may be at risk.

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How Much Foreclosure Relief Can you Expect?

with largest unemployment numbers since the great depression, what are lenders really doing to help homeowners who can’t pay the mortgage?

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If you Were Being WrongfullyForeclosed – Get Help Before Courts Resume

Get foreclosure help before the courts resume at

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After the 60 Day Foreclosure Freeze…

There is Mortgage relief at the federal level in the…

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Foreclosure Freeze – Time to Get Help?

Worried about paying your mortgage while your income is in…

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