New Year Resolution Time

New Year Resolution Time!

Solar power is a clean renewable energy resource. It is clean, even when you take into consideration waste output during production of solar panels and other components. Conversion to solar energy for electricity production also reduces our dependence on fossil fuels. This reduction results in increasingly cleaner air. If you have been considering converting to solar power, now is a great time to schedule your solar energy conversion with Renewable Solar Resources. In fact, there are plenty of reasons to make solar conversion your 2021 resolution.


Federal tax incentives, which were set to expire December 31,2020 were extended in the COVID-19 stimulus bill. Homeowners who convert to solar power in 2020, 2021 or 2022 are eligible for federal tax credits. Up to 26 percent of the cost of solar power system installation can be credited against taxes owed. States have their own additional incentives, giving homeowners multiple reasons to invest in renewable energy.

Cost Reductions

The hard costs associated with conversion to solar generation of electricity have dropped more than 80 percent in the last decade. To give you an idea of hard costs, consider the materials needed in a solar power generation system. The cost of solar panels average around thirty-five percent of the total solar panel system expense. A solar inverter adds ten percent of the total system hard costs. Mounting and electrical equipment of your solar power system can be another ten percent. Other costs such as monitoring, permits, connection fees and more, run around forty-five percent of the hard costs. The huge drop in these costs, as efficiency increases, merge to make 2021 a great year to convert to solar power.

Immediate savings

Regardless of when your solar power system is installed, your savings begin! Even in the midst of winter, your photovoltaic panels will begin converting sunlight into electricity. That means your need for fossil fuel generated power will drop immediately. Your electric bills will drop until they disappear altogether. When you convert to solar, you are essentially locking in the rate you pay for electricity. While others will be forced to pay rising electric costs, you essentially have already paid your home’s entire electric bill for the next 25 years.

Improved home value

Homes that run on photovoltaic panels, or solar panels, command higher sale prices than homes powered by fossil fuels. reports solar panels on a home raise the resale value by 4.1% across the U.S. The information is based on a Zillow Analysis of homes across the country. Imagine an extra $8,200 on a $200,000 home sale.

Improve the Planet

You’ve read the argument for this New Year’s Resolution to convert to solar power. Now, let’s get real! We’ve given you technical reasons why you should convert to solar. We’ve given you financial reasons. These range from cost savings to recently renewed tax credits. We’ve touched on the documented increase in value of your biggest investment: your home. So sure, those are great reasons to consider. But what about the future? Your future. Your family’s future. The planet’s future. Going solar is a responsible contribution to the health and welfare of the environment and humankind.

Regardless of your position on all things green, going solar is a make sense opportunity. For homeowners and businesses alike. You can do your part to improve the human condition, for yourself, your family, your neighbors and the world. In Minnesota, get information on your solar conversion at or call (888) 432-9024.