Make Zagar Your New Year’s Resolution

If your new year’s resolution is to boost your manufacturing plant productivity, make Zagar your new year’s resolution. ZAGAR specializes in hydraulic, pneumatic and high-production drilling and tapping machines and related equipment. Zagar machines are durable hole making machines made to integrate.

Zagar machines are durable holemaking machines made to integrate.

Zagar machines are durable holemaking machines made to integrate.

Gearless Multi-Spindle Drill

The Zagar gearless multi-spindle drill is a proprietary design available only from Zagar, Inc. The revolutionary design allows placement of the drill multiple spindles incredibly close to each other. This placement can be in random or ordered patterns, and in large numbers. This multi-spindle drill creates as few as two holes up to over five thousand holes in a single pass, any array. The Zagar gearless multi-spindle drill is a precision machine that delivers high repeatability as well. Save time with the machine that makes and characterizes holes with fewer passes. Get the rest of the Gearless drill and tap heads on

Classic Geared Drill and Tap Heads

When hole making is about speed, perhaps the classic design of the geared drill and tap heads is a great choice. The geared drill and tap head offers high speed spindles, individual spindle speed and small or large hole drilling capacity. The Zagar gear driven drill and tap heads has a proven record of high repeatability, exceptional performance, endurance and speed. That is why such a broad range of industries such as the automotive, aerospace, power generation and machine tool OEM use Zagar for standard hole making solutions. More on geared drill solutions here.

Feed Units Thruster series

Zagar pneumatic and hydraulic thruster series drilling units are a great solutions for drilling operations. Offering both rapid advance and controlled feed, the same unit powered by a three phase 230/460V motor, operates in pneumatic or hydraulic mode. In this series, the Zagar Mechanical Quill ballscrew feed unit, or MQ150 SU is a precision ground, pre-loaded, zero backlash 5mm pitch ball screw assembly. It offers speed, power and accuracy, and quick disconnect, proximity sensors for detection of home, forward and full back over travel positions. The feed rate capability is .005 to 5.00 m/min or meters per minute. There’s a lot more to tell you about this baby. Contact Zagar or call (216) 731-0500 for the full story on its features.


Workholding fixtures are essential to support and secure workpieces. With over 80 years of work holding manufacturing experience, Zagar engineers hydraulic and pneumatic drill collets and other workholding fixtures to offer superior grip, hold and clamping. This superior hold ensures accuracy and repeatability, even in severe work environments. Today standard draw type, master external and internal collets are made to be mounted to any fixture and work with CNC machines. Zagar collets are also used with draw bar actuated collet chucks. Another great option is auto indexing fixtures applied to various functions including custom IDs.

Dedicated Machines

Sometimes Zagar customers need a specialized solution. Dedicated machine engineers at Zagar work closely with those customers to develop and integrate the components, controllers, robotics, feeders and hoppers. The results are an unending range of automated dedicated machinery. Find the efficiency and productivity solution for your workplace at, or contact the Zagar team (216) 731-0500.