Zagar Excels at Manufacturing Solutions

ZAGAR is hydraulic, pneumatic and high-production drilling & tapping machines and related equipment.  Geared and Gearless multi-spindle drillheads by Zagar are engineered for adaptability, CNC, high repeatability, speed & performance in manufacturing applications. Some think of Zagar as classic drillheads but today, Zagar machines are faster, stronger, and more tech-adaptable than ever before.  Today, Zagar excels at manufacturing solutions.

Zagar Excels at Manufacturing Solutions

Zagar Excels at Manufacturing Solutions

Zagar Considers the adaptability to the technology you need in your workplace today an especially critical feature.  For a range of industries, Zagar creates integral geared and gearless multi-spindle drill and tap heads.  It is true that often manufacturers in those industries use standard built Zagar drill and tap heads.  It may surprise you that almost as often, a manufacturer seeks a specialized solution to their production challenges from Zagar.  In those cases, Zagar generates new ways to integrate existing machines, or creates an entirely new interactable machine or fixture.  Custom made dedicated special machines may have unique features, but there is one characteristic they all share.  That trait is their ability to reduce cycle time significantly, while dedicated to the customer’s needs.

Custom Made Machines

In Zagar Custom made machines, a few of the innumerable options available are CNC controls, Feeder bowls or hoppers.  Customers can also choose from machine bed configuration options, manual, robotic or automated operation.  More options include automatic parts feed, gearless heads and or MQ feed units, and customer specific hole pattern possibilities.  Special machines are almost unlimited in their potential because they are custom designed to solve the customer’s unique production challenges.

Dedicated Machines

History shows us that nothing produces the same high volume of parts more economically than a dedicated system.  Dedicated machinery may be custom designed to integrate with numerous standard components or machines to deliver a specialized solution.  Zagar integrates controllers, feeders, hoppers and robotics for an endless variety of automated dedicated machinery.

For years, Zagar built dedicated drill and tap related machinery to make and characterize holes.  Unlike any other drill and tap machine builder, Zagar combines gearless multiple spindle drillhead technology with high powered feed units.  This produces high quality hole making dedicated machinery.  Given the advantage of the gearless technology, Zagar can create machines that can drill anywhere from two to over fifty one hundred holes at a time.  The Zagar gearless multi spindle technology design also allows drills and taps on close centers and with random patterns.  No other manufacturer can do this with their drill or tap head.

Zagar Today

Today, Zagar is on the cutting edge of the machine tool world.  Zagar is now producing drilling and tapping machines with extremely high speeds that can drill exotic metals.  End effectors by Zagar feature an expansive array of drilling and tapping capability, thanks to a comprehensive library of engineering.  End of Arm Tooling (EOAT) makes for machining precision.  Robotic end effectors precisely and efficiently drill and tap holes for machinery, regardless of the industry.  Zagar’s Robotic End Effectors cover a full spectrum of precision machining.  This includes drilling, counter sinking, counter boring, facing, reaming, combination drill-tap, rigid tapping, milling and trimming.  Whether with geared or gearless drillheads, standard or special machines or other related machinery, today, Zagar Excels at manufacturing solutions.