Mark Shuey Virtual Dojo

Do you wish you could get back to the gym or the dojo?  Have you been thinking about mixed martial arts?  Whether you regularly use a cane or not, come check out Mark Shuey’s virtual dojo. 

Known for starting Cane Masters Inc. self defense cane based martial arts system, Mark Shuey’s is focused on making his American Cane System available virtually.  You can subscribe for under $17 a month and can access the workouts 24/7.  Need to get out?  Grab a yoga mat and take your tablet to your yard.  Log in to begin working out with Mark Shuey’s via his virtual dojo. 

Learn or review yoga stretches, participate in Cane Chi wellness system or learn self-defense moves from Cane Fu.  Mark Shuey will include parts of each of his American Cane System training.  Leave the stress behind, and feel great in the safety of your own space.  Follow this link and get a free one week coupon to try before you buy. 

click for link to Coupon for free trial week of Dojo