Today, manufacturers need to maximize yield with machines that are durable, perform consistently, easy-to-use and have little down time.

For over 80 years, Zagar Inc. has specialized in drilling and tapping machines, feed units and dedicated machines that all coordinate to mass produce or tap precision holes. Zagar machines are used in the automotive, aerospace, electrical electronic, appliance, propulsion and other industries.  With a laser like focus on the production of qualified holes in ferrous or non-ferrous material, resulting Zagar machinery features stand-alone, modular component product lines which can integrate with a number of other existing machines in your production line.  If you need drilling or tapping machines that feature 1 to 5000 spindles, Zagar has the fixture to facilitate your production, with the speed and precision you need.  Email or call us at (216) 731-0500 today, for more information.

Zagar Hi-Speed Aerospace Lock Nut Tapper