MCA to the Rescue: a Case Study

When you consider IRS penalties, fines and interest due, an MCA (Merchant Cash Advance) can pay corporate taxes today at a lower cost than when you can afford to pay the taxes. 

Jackie Fields (actual MCA Case, but name has been changed to protect privacy) needed additional working capital fast.  Due to shortages of certain key ingredients, her deli was struggling.  The approaching new year was bringing a tax bill due date closer, as well as other expenses such as equipment repairs.  Jackie knew she might not have the cash, due to the drop in revenue.  Jackie spoke about traditional bank loans with friends who owned other businesses, but knew that was not the best path for her situation.    She did not have time for the lengthy application process and knew the recent decline of income may mean she wouldn’t qualify.  Jackie also knew she could get past the equipment repair expenses and ingredient shortages and her deli would recover, but she needed cash quickly to make it happen. 

When Jackie called one of the funding specialists, she quickly learned everything she needed to provide, including recent bank statements, credit card processing statements and a one page application.  No minimum credit score or collateral!  And the best part is that Jackie was approved for a loan in less than 48 hours.  Jackie accepted and was funded the next day.  She was able to pay the looming tax bill on time, get her deli equipment repaired and even made some cosmetic improvements to her shop.  Her biggest worry, the taxes, were resolved and her business rebounded. 

Photo by from Pexels

Don’t let late payments to the IRS can put you on the wrong foot with Internal Revenue Service.  You have so many other options. can help you find the right Merchant Cash Advance for your business needs today.