NSL Analytical Services for AM Materials Testing

Since 1945, Additive Manufacturers have discovered the reliability of NSL Analytical Services, Inc. for verification of materials quality, performance and safety.    NSL Analytical Customers have come to trust the extensive, advanced and quickly performed tests, delivering results to your inbox quickly, so your business can deliver higher production of higher quality products.

According to Wohlers Report, 135 manufacturers produced and sold additive manufacturing (AM) systems in 2017, up from the 97 manufacturers who produced and sold additive manufacturing systems in 2016, 62 companies in 2015, and 49 companies in 2014.  This pattern of expansion continues to show strong, consistent growth through 2018. 

This kind of steady growth can only be possible because of trusted materials testing facilities like NSL Analytical Services, Inc.  Sales and use of 3D printers, used synonymously with Additive Manufacturing, are Expanding in machinery, material and application.  Industries using Additive Manufacturing are as widely varied as imagination allows; including engineering, manufacturing, dentistry, healthcare, audiology and so much more.  What producers of these AM products have in common, is the need for material quality and product reliability.  That is where NSL Analytical Services, Inc. Steps in.

NSL Analytical Services materials testing facilities have ISO/IEC 17025 Certification and Scope (ANAB); Nadcap Certification and Scope (PRI); ASME NQA-1 Compliance and GE Aerospace S-400 accredited.  When you have NSL Analytical Services verify materials, you can trust their results, rely on their technological approach to materials testing and count on the turnaround time for the results, so your business production can remain seamless.

NSL Analytical Services : Trust – Technology – Turnaround