NSL Analytical Services Testing for the Automotive Industry

A friend just ordered a new deep metallic red Ford Mach-E Mustang GT, electric crossover vehicle.  She is absolutely psyched about the 0-60 in 3 seconds and the  459 HP and 612 lbf-ft of torque as listed on Hagerty.com.  Top that with Ford’s estimated 300 miles of range per charge.  Really, it’s no wonder my friend is so enraptured with ordering the car! 

Image by Ray Shrewsberry from Pixabay

While I am excited at the incredible strides the automobile industry has been able to achieve, I am also thrilled to see the role which materials testing labs like NSL Analytical Services plays in those achievements.  The materials used to produce today’s automobiles must be lighter for better speed and energy efficiency, without losing strength.  To guarantee that materials supplied to automakers will meet today’s rigid specifications, material suppliers come to NSL Analytical to verify physical properties including chemical composition and mechanical strength.  NSL Teams are materials specialists, conversant with advanced automotive materials, as well as traditional components. 

NSL Analytical Services is a proven leader in manufacturing and process materials testing.  The comprehensive materials testing services includes elemental chemical analysis, metallurgical evaluation and microscopy, polymer materials testing and regulatory testing services, but there are so many more materials testing services that NSL Analytical provides.  If you have a product, large or small, produced using conventional or new technology, contact NSL Analytical Services for your materials testing information or quote today.