NSL Analytical: Trusted Testing for the Aerospace Industry.

Musk owned SpaceX just sent its first commercial test flight into space.  As space becomes a general commercial opportunity, it will become ever more critical to make sure the components will perform.  After all, the passengers may not be as prepared for space travel as the astronauts.  Who will provide the service of validating the components?  Already, materials testing labs like NSL Analytical support the Aerospace industry as a trusted vendor to many top manufacturers by maintaining several quality approvals including:

  • GE Aerospace S-400
  • Boeing D1-4426 (801, 808)
  • Parker
  • Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Engine Group
  • Snecma/SAFRAN
  • Eaton Aerospace
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Honeywell
  • Rolls Royce Civil Aerospace

Carbon and carbon composites are being applied in more aerospace applications due to their lightweight, strong, and high temperature tolerance characteristics.  As positive as these benefits are, close process control is required to avoid delamination, voids and other defects.  The NSL Analytical team has the experience and skill to modify tests to correspond to the requirements of the varieties of composites found on today’s aircraft.

Aerospace industry, with its exacting demands trust their material testing to NSL Analytical Services because NSL Analytical is equipped to perform a variety of aerospace materials testing services. Trust your materials testing needs to NSLRequest a quote today!