Nuclear Power Requires Material Testing

With about 440 power reactors around the world, nuclear power is the world’s second largest source of low-carbon power providing about 10% of the world’s electricity.

Fifty countries use nuclear energy in research reactors.  Besides research, more than two hundred research reactors provide training and produce medical and industrial isotopes.

NSL Analytical Services Provides Nuclear Industry Answers Through Materials Testing

Civil nuclear power is currently operating in thirty countries world-wide, and are exporting the nuclear produced electricity to other countries.  There is increased demand for electricity around the world and the industry is now characterized by international commercial interest. 

NSL performs a range of testing services for the Nuclear industry.  Types of testing services include mechanical and physical test services, chemical analysis testing, metallography and nonmetallic testing.  Visit for more details regarding nuclear industry tests available or contact NSL for any Nuclear Power Tests not found on site.

With years of skill, experience, and state of the art equipment, NSL Analytical Services has proven its record of accuracy, expertise and reliability in the nuclear industry.  NSL Analytical Services materials testing for the answers you need, in a reliable time frame.