Renewable Solar Resources Offers an Intelligent Solar Panel

Renewable Solar Resources (RSR) now has an even smarter, more efficient way to maximize your solar panels power generation.  SolarEdge Technology turns an ordinary panel into an easy to monitor, more productive intelligent solar panel.

How Traditional String Panels Work

In a tradition PV (photovoltaic) or Solar Panel string system, panels produce DC (Direct current) power when exposed to sunlight.  This power travels along a main power cord to an inverter, where the current is converted to AC (Alternating Current) which is fed into the utility grid to be used in homes and businesses.

When something blocks sunlight on one solar panel in a string system, the reduction in power production is echoed throughout the entire array of solar panels on that string.  So while the system still produces electricity, it could be producing much more.  Another Drawback of the string system is that every solar panel in it must be installed in the same position, at the same angle to the sun.  the result is wasted installation space or redundancies. 

Another issue is the inverter to the string system cannot shut down the current flow.  This put installers and firefighters at risk, because the one cable from the string system to the inverter is a high voltage wire.  In this system, it isn’t possible to monitor Power output, temperature and other parameters of a single panel. If something should malfunction in a single string system, it is impossible to find problems in a single panel remotely. Technicians have to check every panel on site.

Microinverters to the Rescue, At a Price

In the late 1990s dealers began selling Microinverters as a way to maximize panel output and control.  Remember that one large inverter we mentioned in the solar panel string system? Developers scaled it down into individual inverters to be used on each solar panel.  Microinverters had full inverter functionality, allowing for single panel control.  For example, if a bird or branch fell on one panel, the other panels would still run at full capacity. 

The end results were favorable, but the cost was prohibitive.  Instead of buying one microinverter, consumers had to pay for one microinverter for each solar panel.  All that productivity came at a cost. 

SolarEdge Technology Created An Intelligent Solar Panel

String panels are more affordable, so they are the most common method of solar panel installation.  Microinverters, make solar panels more efficient, but substantially increased the cost of installation. SolarEdge decided to develop a way to deliver the performance of  microinverter technology, without the cost. To do this, they split the single inverter in two.  Instead of using multiple full-function inverters, the DC Optimized Inverter solution simplified the inverter function.  Then SolarEdge added intelligent power optimizers for each panel.

Now the single simplified inverter is only responsible for inverting DC to AC and for grid connection.  Meanwhile, each panel has its own power optimizer turning it into an intelligent solar panel.  This allows real time tracking of individual intelligent solar panels and adjustments of current and voltage.  A Cloud based monitoring platform means you’ll make adjustments in real time so each panel can reach optimal working point.   

Intelligent Solar Panel
Intelligent Solar Panel

Intelligent Solar Panel Flexibility

Panel position and wire length can also be varied Using this SolarEdge split inverter and smart panel approach.  This wasn’t possible when the solar panels were in a traditional string system. 

Intelligent Solar Panels With a Safety Feature

The new enhanced safety feature is a critical new advancement.  Whenever AC power is off, the safety mechanism reduces the DC current to safe voltage levels.  This reduction substantially reduces risk to installers and safety technicians. 

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You can see why Renewable Solar Resources is proudly offering SolarEdge installations as a cost affordable efficient renewable energy choice.  To find out more, visit Renewable Solar Resources today.