Robotic Surgeries Require Innovative Patient Positioning Equipment

D.A. Surgical wants to protect all surgery patients through controlled patient positioning during their operating procedure. 

So much of an operation’s success depends, not only on the angle and access your surgeon has to the subject’s body region they must operate on, but also on the patient’s post procedure positioning.  Have you been frustrated when trying to cut a paper shape, without turning the paper?  Imagine how much more complicated a medical operation is on a immovable person.  D.A. Surgical focuses on patient positioning to facilitate great surgery and the best post procedure care. 

D.A. Surgical, founded by Dan Allen, supplies positioning tables and other accessories to facilitate smooth surgery for patients and their doctors.  The need for patient restraint products becomes only more urgent as surgical techniques evolve.  What worked in traditional and laparoscopic surgery has become obsolete in the face of the Da Vinci surgical technique.  Today, Operating Room Managers are seeking special positioning accessories designed to meet the needs of their robotics programs and D.A. Surgical wants to provide them.

Founder Dan Allen attends medical conferences, where he regularly demonstrates how the patient positioning products work.  He listens to medical professionals, their frustrations and their needs, and turns those exchanges into ideas for the next generation of positioning products.

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Dan Allen has been involved in patient positioning since the early 1980s and is dedicated to the study of anatomy, physiology as they relate to proper positioning of patients during surgery.