Self-Defense for the Vulnerable

Did you ever travel and wish you could take a weapon for self-defense?  Did you ever walk down a street worried about reaching your destination safely, free from attack?  Grand Master Mark Shuey offers virtual training on self-defense and he uses canes and walking sticks as weapons.  Simple, hardwood medical aids like canes and walking sticks can be used for self-defense, yet they are street legal.  There are no requirements for conceal and carry classes, no worrying about variations in state weapon regulations. 

If you need a cane for mobility, that cane can also be used in strength rebuilding exercises, and in self-defense training.  Instead of feeling like a target when you use your cane to make your way around, you can walk with the confidence of someone who knows they can defend themselves.

Cane Masters sells beautifully handcrafted canes, but Cane Masters also offers several DVD training series and membership to the Cane Masters Virtual Dojo.  That means you can train any time of day, and learn and practice cane enhanced self-defense moves from the safety of your own home or yard.  Anywhere you get internet connection, you can access Grand Master Mark Shuey’s Virtual Dojo and training series once you join.  And for a limited time, Cane Masters is offering a try-before-you buy coupon for one free week of the Cane Masters virtual dojo here.  Visit, or text or call us at (800) 422-2263 to find out more.