Siding Protects and Beautifies Your Home

The primary purpose of any home’s siding is to protect the home, the foundation and all the contents within it that make it home to you.  Properly Installed siding protects the home from rain, snow, wind, other weather and temperature swings and can act as a shield from insects.  Improperly installed, damaged, or failing siding can allow water into the frame of your home.  Trapped moisture can lead to rotting, mold growth and interior damage. 

Combination Siding

Beyond protection of your home, the siding on your home can add to your home’s beauty.  Several new choices make today’s options even more attractive.  Vinyl, stone or brick veneer, shake and others, or any combination of these options make your home siding choices more personal.  All Pro Xteriors Inc. offer a broad selection of siding options, and expert services to help you choose.   When All Pro Xteriors quickly and professionally installs your siding, you will love coming home to your house once again, with its new siding. 

Vinyl Siding is a popular option for home siding due to its comparative low cost and easy maintenance  Vinyl siding may not be for everyone, but as vinyl product technology has evolved, and colors and styles continue to expand, most homeowners cannot overlook vinyl siding as a carefree viable option for their home. All Pro Xteriors has professionals on staff to assist you in your choice of siding materials, colors and styles for your home.

Wood Siding is often still found on bungalows, Cape Cod or cottage exteriors.  Wood siding is durable if maintained properly and offers a rich look.  It has lost some of its popularity in recent years because it does require regular maintenance and is susceptible to insect or rodent assaults.  There are several styles of wood siding, which can be used alone or in conjunction with other exterior home finished.  Clapboard, which is also called lap or bevel siding is a classic use of wood siding, followed by shakes and shingles, which have become a favorite when combined with stone veneers and sometimes vinyl siding.  The rules for shakes and shingles varies by the area, so check with your siding professionals at All Pro Xteriors for recommendations and guidelines for the Minnesota home applications.  Shingles can be cut into different shapes for added interest to your home’s exterior, though they tend to be more expensive than vinyl siding.

Brick siding.  Brick, made from fired clay, has been around for hundreds of years and withstood those years with endurance and stature. Today, however, most newly constructed brick homes are built around a wood frame structure and have a brick veneer with mortar connecting the bricks.  Water can actually penetrate brick veneers, so a membrane is installed between the brick veneer and the house to protect the wood frame structure.  Correctly installed brick siding will last the life of your home, but the cost will be much higher than regular siding due to the labor intensive installation of brick siding.

Stone and stone veneer siding.  Beautiful and durable stone, like granite and limestone, have become increasingly popular for homeowners looking for natural beauty and texture to add to their home’s appeal.  Stone can be an expensive alternative to other siding choices, but stone veneer siding can be the answer for homeowners looking for more budget friendly options.  Stone veneer siding is more lightweight and inexpensive than natural stone and comes in many styles and materials.  The downside to stone veneer is that it does require annual hosing off and inspection to ensure it lasts the life of the home it clads.

There are still more siding options, such as fiber cement siding

Fiber Cement Siding.  Homes with Fiber cement siding can appear as a stucco, wood or masonry dwelling.  Offering low maintenance, non-flammable, termite resistant siding options in a range of style and textures, fiber cement siding would seem perfect.  Moisture buildup can be a problem in on fiber cement, and if its installation was prior to the late 1980’s the fiber cement could include asbestos, which requires professional abatement contractors for removal. 

Vinyl siding remains the clear winner of the siding popularity contest, with its price line, easy maintenance and durability, but today, many homeowners are opting to add interest by combining different siding materials.  Today, homes with vinyl siding, and shakes with stone veneer accents are in more demand, while they offer interest and new life to the homes they clad. Visit or call (952) 486-7834 to set up your consultation on new siding for your home.