Solar Panels Impact on Small Business

Solar panels are showing up on more and more residential properties around Minnesota, and other states in the Midwest. That is because more and more electricity consumers are looking for green, cost effective ways to power their homes. But solar power is a practical choice for businesses too, from small to large. Not only do solar panels help provide clean energy, the price of converting to solar power has fallen drastically making it fall within many small business owner budgets. Once installed, solar power immediately begins reducing monthly utility bills.

The solar panel installation costs are paid for up front. For the next couple of decades, much of the business’ cost of electricity is fixed. Operating costs are cut, and a more predictable budget is created while reducing fluctuation.

Solar Panels Impact on Small Business

Happier Employees

According to a 2011 study from the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, “…employees are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs when they work at eco-friendly organizations.” Several recent studies suggest, satisfied employees are productive employees. A University of Warwick study concluded happier individuals productivity was around twelve percent higher. Research gate presented findings that happy, satisfied employees are likely to stay with the company longer. Regarding the UMass study, Walsh, who initiated the research with Professor Sulkowski, noted that the research findings should inspire business owners to invest in sustainability and then in communicating that sustainability to their customers, clients and employees. The bond formed through this communication is remarkable. It far exceeds satisfaction from a company’s financial performance.

Government Business Grants for Solar Panels

If you are worried about just how much that investment will take, the good news is that through the end of 2020, there are government business grants and incentives available to offset the costs involved. Minnesota Power has a solar rebate program based on your first year estimated production. Excel’s Solar rewards performance payments program pays you for the amount of kwh you produce with your solar panels. Restrictions apply, but it is a good program and you should discuss it with your solar panel installer to find out how it works and whether you qualify.
The city of Minneapolis has a Green Cost Share Program. The city is serious about climate change and is offering incentives to help residential and business owners install solar.

There are also State tax credits, investment tax credits for solar, cash rebates and performance based incentives. Ask your Renewable Solar Resources professional for information on how you can take advantage of these programs to offset the cost of taking your business green. The price of the hard materials, like the solar panels and batteries, has dropped over 80 percent in the last decade, and with the various cost offsets available through the end of this year, now is a great time to make the change.

Reliable, Clean Energy from Solar Panels

Solar power electricity generating systems are known for requiring little maintenance. The clean energy they provide will continue for 25 to 40 years. (Most solar panels come with a 25 year warranty). In the winter, some want to keep the panels clean, but the sun does a lot of that work for you. When a corner of the snow melts off, the panel heats up, shedding the rest of the snow faster than regular roofs do. The design itself leave little wear and tear and though the system may pay for itself within four to seven years, that leaves the rest of the life of the system of virtually free electricity.

If you are thinking of going green, contact Renewable Solar Resources for details on how your business can start benefitting right away.