Solar Power Conversion: the Home Improvement That Pays for Itself

I have a long wish list for our home.  It includes a smarter system, security and solar power.  Of all of these, solar power is the highest on my wish list.  There are many reasons for this, but here are some of the biggest reasons I want Solar Power Conversion as my home Improvement that pays for itself. 

 It’s better for the environment.  

I see articles on solar panel production, and questions on whether they are being produced in a green manner.  I can’t control it, but I can look at it logically.  Solar panels are rated to last 25 years.  Many homeowners find they last even longer, but I am using the 25 years as my measurement.  During that 25 year span, my solar panels will not pollute, will not require much maintenance, will not make noise, and will actually help cool my home in summer reducing the amount of work my air conditioning system will need to perform.   

My current source of power is fossil fuel driven.  By it’s nature, fossil fuels pollute every time they are processed to create energy. Toxic chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde are released when fossil fuels are burned to produce large amounts of energy.   When they are exposed to heat, the hydrocarbon chain converts the heat energy contained in the fossil fuel to electrical energy to create electricity or mechanical energy to drive the engines.  I’m cozy in my home, but scientists are warning us the damage is nearing the point where it will not be repairable. 

It will pay for itself.

The initial outlay of cash is scary, but it will be paid back and then some. Using the federal incentives, and not even counting the local incentives I get a 26% tax credit the first year.  The cost of converting to solar power will pay for itself in electricity bill savings within 8 years, according to others who have converted and shared their before and after comparisons.  The panels will last for 25 years.  After my solar power conversion pays for itself, I will have another 17 years of savings on electric bills!  That makes it a pretty solid investment. You get back the amount invested three times over.  The maintenance is super low, which means low cost too.  When everyone else is fretting over rate hikes, I’ll be relieved, knowing I don’t have to come up with more out of pocket money. 

I know a Great Solar Power Installation Company

Renewable Solar Resources will do the energy audit on my home.  I will know what changes I should make to be more energy efficient.  The other information Renewable Solar Resources will be giving me is where solar panels can be located on my property and whether I get enough sunlight for the solar power conversion.  That is information I can use to make the decision, and if necessary, to go to my bank for a home equity line of credit to cover costs I don’t have in reserve.  A new deck is cool, but it won’t pay for itself.  New floors would look great, but the cost is the cost.  A new solar panel system to run my home will save me enough money to pay for other home improvements I want to do!  And I get hero status for doing my part to protect the earth.

Submitted by Patricia Mack
Edited by Jo Gardner