Sometimes Our Minds are in the Gutter

At All Pro Xteriors, Inc. sometimes our minds are in the gutter –  your home’s gutters.  When gutters work correctly, they protect your home.  When gutters are damaged, they not only look unattractive, but can back up or leak;  causing water damage and rot to expand into your home.  All Pro Xteriors, Inc.  is your local expert on gutter installation.  Our Professional team members receive constant updates on the newest technologies in gutters and on installation techniques.  We are here to install your replacement gutters, giving your home the rainy day protection it deserves.

When your home needs gutters, there are lots of different types of gutters to choose from.  The choices include shapes, material, types of construction and gutter guards to prevent decaying leaves and other debris from clogging your home’s gutter system.

Shape of Gutters

  • K-style Gutters – This is a popular type of gutter.  The name is derived, not from its shape, but from a national association listing of option-K. They do have a curvy shape, sort of like the crown molding in so many homes, that makes them a decorative, popular choice by many homeowners.  K gutters have the added benefit of the ability to hold more rainwater than half-moon gutters, and they come in various sizes and materials. The K-Gutters’ flat back makes them appear seamless once installed on homes.
  • Half-moon Gutters –  These offer a traditional appearance with a simple understated look on your home. Half-moon gutters come in a number of stronger materials, so they are less likely to be damaged or ripped from your home.  Choosing half-moon gutters is only part of the decision, since these gutters come in a number of styles like double bead, single bead, and reverse bead, each choice with performance factors to consider.  Also, the downpipes will be full round, which means the downpipes will be wider with faster water flow, which is more likely to wash debris quickly away, which is good, since  half-moon gutters do not work well with gutter guard systems.  Animals and birds don’t seem like these gutters as well as the K-gutters, because there are fewer protective angles, so there will be few nests to contend with. 
  • Fascia Gutters – Because most homes have fascia boards, and this is only useful when fascia boards are not already in place All Pro Xteriors does not install this gutter style.  Acting as both gutter and as a fascia board they hide the edges of the roof rafter tails so your home has a smooth line.  If your home already has fascia boards, these are not a valid choice.

Gutter Material

  • Aluminum – this is a popular material, due to reasonable prices and quick installation. Aluminum gutters also mean no rust or corrosion, and they are available in any color to match your home’s color scheme. 
  • Copper – When installed correctly, there will be no need to worry about mold or mildew or about painting your copper gutters.  They cost considerably more than your aluminum gutters with the same life expectancy.  While beautiful, the additional cost paired with the same likelihood of damage from falling limbs, make many people wary of using this gutter material on their home.
  • Galvanized Steel – These gutters are made of steel coated with zinc for protection.  They are strong, but can rust if damaged.  If you opt for galvanized steel gutters, know that repair work must be done IMMEDIATELY if these are dented or scratched.  Only experts should install Steel gutters.  Incorrect installation won’t ensure correct drainage which could lead to standing water next to your home.  Call All Pro Xteriors, Inc. at (952) 486-7834 for more information on installation.   Also, you need to maintain steel gutters, regularly cleaning them out to remove any clogs that form.
  • Galvalume – Steel coated with a combination of aluminum and Zinc, makes for an incredibly strong metal gutter that can stand up against damage and rust.  It is much more expensive than galvanized steel and more difficult to obtain, but, depending on your location, could last up to 9 times longer than galvanized steel.
  • Zinc – Zinc gutters are more expensive than aluminum, but they usually last twice as long.  Made from zinc, with copper and titanium additives, zinc gutters can be left unpainted.  Overtime, they will develop a patina, similar to that of copper gutters, that protects them from the elements.  And have I mentioned low maintenance over a long period of time?
  • Vinyl – The lower price makes Vinyl gutters more attractive.  Vinyl gutters are made of a strong material that protects them from dents, bending, or corrosion.  These gutters are not painted and are the same color throughout the gutter, so scratches don’t show much and don’t require repairs.  However, if you don’t get quality vinyl, it could sag with age and grow brittle and shatter.  Remember, cold is not good for vinyl, so the cooler your area, the more important to talk to the professionals at All Pro Xteriors to make sure you choose the right material for your gutters.

Gutter Constructions

  • Sectional Gutters – Gutters pieced together from lengths, trimmed down to perfectly fit on your home are called sectional gutters.  Connectors attach the sections to make sectional gutters fit any home, no matter how long the sides are, or how many corners are on the home.  These gutters are not custom made and can quickly be cut and installed right on your property.  While sectional gutters are less expensive, every connector increases the risk of a leak.
  • Seamless Gutters – made from one piece instead of sections, seamless gutters are only jointed at downspouts and corners.  They are sturdier with less chance of leaks in a hard storm.  While more expensive than sectional gutters, the longer life span of seamless gutters may make them the better buy.


When choosing the color of your new replacement gutters, you may be amazed at the number of options today.  Keep in mind, the reason neutrals have remained a favorite, is that they won’t clash with your home or stand out too much.  Your gutters will be visible from the road, and while outlining it can look great, it can also make a traditional style home lose some of its aesthetic appeal.  That said, bold accent colors are the only option for some personalities, as long as your homeowner’s association rules allow it.  Bright green, cerulean blue or cotton candy pink are all possible, but carefully consider not only whether they will look good on your home but whether you will like them for years to come.  Consider your home’s style, landscaping and neighborhood when making bold accent gutter color decisions. 

Gutter Guards

When gutter guards are professionally installed, they can save a massive amount of time and maintenance…as long as you choose the right one for your situation.  Talk to your All Pro Xteriors, Inc. team member to learn more about which guards will work best for your gutters and your surroundings.

  • Screens –  Screen guards keep out large debris such as sticks and leaves, but smaller debris can still get in to clog your gutter system.  Regular cleaning may be needed, and cleaning requires screen removal.
  • Fine mesh – Fine mesh guards, which also come in stainless steel, keep out even small debris.  There will be some regular cleaning, but nothing like the amount required with screen guards. 
  • Surface tension – These guards are a little tricky to install, so only have a professional, like All Pro Xteriors manage the installation.  Large debris such as leave and sticks slide off and away from home, but some smaller debris may enter your system.  These guards are visible; not all homeowners like that aspect nor do they like seeing the rain spray out from the house in all directions during a deluge.  If you get normal rainstorms, that rarely happens.

When All Pro Xteriors, Inc.   decided on the Gutter products they would install, they took into consideration performance, affordability and endurance.  Gutters installed by All Pro Xteriors professionals will look beautiful for years, without fading and leaking.  Talk to a pro today at at  (952) 486-7834 for information on how we can help your home be its beautiful, functional best.