Today’s subject is not a common consumer product, but I hope it will be soon. has released a story on Superhydrophobic materials (water repellent) which offer hope for surfaces that do not allow microbes to stick to them. Imagine the improved level of sterilization of operating rooms and, well, kitchens.  Unfortunately, in the past, those Superhydrophobic materials have been easily damaged, allowing Microbes to adhere to the damaged surface, which made it way too fragile for the real world. 

But now, an amazing new armor plated water repellent material can withstand anything thrown at it!  The surfaces may be metal, glass or ceramic.  The secret is in the nano-sized structures spread all over it patterned in a honeycomblike structure of tiny inverted pyramids.  The water repellent chemical is then coated inside the honeycomb.

Photo by adrian judd from FreeImages

How can they know the material works with the new application technique? 

Research & Development of every groundbreaking creation requires materials testing, such as the tests done by NSL Analytical Services. 

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