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January is the New Home Buying Season Opener

Spring starts Home Shopping season, right?  Wrong! reports January is the new April of  home buying.  Since 2015 people are beginning the home search earlier, with the highest number of 2019 listing views in 1 out of 5 markets. With rising home prices and lower inventories, shoppers are beginning their searches earlier, often using…

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HomeBuying in Winter

If you have held off on buying a home in the hopes that prices will drop, you might consider searching for your next home now.  Realtors remind us that there can be benefits to buying a home in the winter. No one loves sloshing through ice and snow, sleet and slush to check out houses…

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Millennials Are Changing First Time Home Buying

The face of majority home buyers in 2019 is millennial.  Their home buying approach is different than previous generations. Tech and connectivity influences Millennial homebuying decisions.  According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, or NAR,  millennial home buyers are looking for smart home devices, starting with locks, lights, thermostats and more.  The…

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